Cheerleading – 7 Best Cheer Shoes Reviewed

Below I’ve reviewed the best cheer shoes available in the market today. For your cheering – either flyers, bases, spotter, or tumbling stunts, we required specially built cheer shoes. Best Cheer Shoes

Get shoes with the instep, lace locking, slip lasting, shank, EVA, & contoured foot-bed technologies.

Lightweight and Form-fitting? Cheerleading shoes have to be lightweight, durability, and comfort – you’ll tumble on fairly hard surfaces. 

Footwear: Top 7 Best Cheer Shoes 2023 Reviewed

1. Nfinity Vengeance Cheer Shoe Adult & Youth – #1 Cheer Footwear

A cheerleading flyer is a great stunting position. A flyer is lifted in the air, creating sharp aerial stunts and leave the audience happy. You’ll require lightweight shoes and having finger grooves to create top “flyer” stability.

Nfinity Vengeance Cheer Shoe | Competition & Varsity Cheer Gear | Adult & Youth Cheerleading Uniform Shoes

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In this NFinity Vengeance, I found a lightweight (3.9oz) and durable best cheer shoe that will allow you to perform amazing aerial stunts. Also, Vengeance has a smooth outsole and hence won’t hurt the fingers of the cheerleading bases when they lift or catch them.

Vengeance has a grippy outsole but will not hurt the hands of the bases. Further its sole pylon pads reinforced, which increases its cleanliness, toughness, and thickness.

It has an inside and outside the sculpted structure, which prevents excessive ankle movement. Also, its bottom has three rubbers pads to reduce wear.

For new aesthetics, NFinity Vengeance has a see-through, open mesh and thus it’s possible to wear a colored (such as team colors & school colors) or smiling socks for your cheer. 

This is because it’s designed to fit you tight for maximum support in your sport. However, most cheer squad members order 1/2 size up – consult a size chart for appropriate sizing. 


  • Lightweight at just 3.9oz
  • Upper mesh provides fast customization 
  • Has three pads increasing durability
  • Tight fir to increase the flyer’s safety 
  • I noted that NFinity Vengeance tends to runs like 1/2 size smaller compared to the regular street shoes. 


  • Run roughly a 1/2 size smaller

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2. Nike Youth Cheer Sideline IV Cheerleading Shoes – #2 Cheer Footwear

As a base, great support is the main determining factor on the shoe you pick. Priority in this role is to avoid injury (mainly due to slipping) when you’re lifting your flyer higher but still ensuring your feet are stable on the ground.

Nike Girl's Youth Cheer Sideline IV Cheerleading Shoes Current Price On Amazon

I have to say that, for all this, you’ll love your Nike Women’s Sideline IV. The shoe is very not very light – for a base – despite having some mesh.

Nike Women’s Sideline IV has a great heel and arch support since a significant percentage of its outsole, and upper is built from harsh synthetics.

The mesh makes the Nike Women’s Sideline IV highly breathable. But, since you’ll mainly be always on the ground, you’ll not find the shoe weight as a hindrance to your performance.

Sideline III comes with some colored inserts that you may insert into its upper – and thus allowing you to match it to your other uniform.

Further, the shoe build – despite being a little bit heavy – makes it even more durable. Therefore, I consider this shoe great for most cheerleaders.

It’s also great sideline routines and free practice. However, during competitive games, you’ll require some other light shoes.


  • Its outer sole (natural rubber) and sculpted exterior increase your stability while you are in the flyer cheering position. 
  • Its natural rubber outsole was appropriately linked to the bubble races and thus offered enough support. 


  • None 

3. Kaepa Stellarlyte Cheer Shoe -Comfortable & Stylish

Kaepa Stellarlyte is a shoe for your cheerleading squad and will make you look comfortable and stylish. Further, the Stellarlytes come with a flexible slim build and added trick support to allow awesome tumbling passes.

Best Cheer Shoes

Current Price On Amazon

Designed using the flexible and lightweight (6 oz.) technology, the Kaepa Stellarlyte will optimize the squad’s footwork performance and skill.

Kaepa Stellarlyte is a performance-oriented and top quality cheer squad. I noted that the shoe is lightweight and is designed with a springy surface that helped me in jumping to great heights while cheering.

For breathability, the shoe has great contrition that allows my feet to remain comfortable and cool with the mesh panels that I also found easy to clean. Having been designed using synthetic leather webbing and mesh, the Kaepa Stellarlyte are breathable, flexible, and light, which means no feet stenches.

However, as shoes for indoor and for spring floors or blue mats, I was informed that I must only put on the Kaepa Stellarlyte during the competition. For stability and comfort, the shoe is constructed using the secure-fit system.

You’ll surely be tumbling and stunting during the competitor. The shoe’s heel notch and finger groove enhance your stunt’s control.

Further, the company installed the EVA sole to offer awesome shock protection. However, you’ll need to try a half size smaller when you need to achieve the snugger fit. 



  • Tends to run narrow and small in size

4. ASICS Women’s Cheer 7 Cheer Shoe for Indoor & Outdoor

If you’re here not just for a bases shoe, the Asics Women’s Cheer 7 Shoe will give you that experience as you can use in other sporting activities such as jogging, and gym workouts.

ASICS Women's Cheer 7 Cheer Shoe Current Price On Amazon

However, as a critical feature, remember this cheer shoe requires that you select a half size up since they might run small on your feet. Suitable for outdoor and indoor cheering – all-rounder wheels. 

Asics Cheer 7 has a strong build that will allow it to withstand the harsh conditions even outside the cheering (outdoor & indoor). It comes with the low-profile midsole with excellent arch support.

For bases, I note that Asics Women’s Cheer 7 be a great tool during the practice sessions. However, the competitive games, you’ll require to get a slightly lighter shoe. 

Further, if you’ll be a completion cheerleader, you are required to do adequately Olympic level gymnastics on a spring floor. The Asics Cheer 7 is a workable, comfy, and good cheer shoe.


  • Asics Cheer 7 is budget-friendly and thus great as a starter cheer shoe 
  • On weight, this cheer shoe is light for easy jumping and sporting 
  • Midsole is low-profile
  • On flexibility, this pair is great for twirl jumping with limited chances of injury while also getting better control 
  • Multipurpose use including outdoor & indoor cheering 


  • Narrow running 

5. Kaepa Touch Up W Women’s Cheer Shoe 6558

Kaepa Touch Up is designed using the touch technology which links the flyer and base together with the stable tumbling platform. 

Kaepa Women's Cheerup Cheerleading Shoes

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Notably, the secure-fit system in the shoe you can easily adjust the shoes’ fit and height. This will truly guarantee true cheer stability, comfort, and an improved fit.

Notably, Kaepa installed a durable cushion and the APX heel pad to absorb impact when you are cheering. The calabash laces ensure that you get a highly secure and locked-in shoe fit. 

For the best tumbling experience, Kaepa included sleek toe bumpers and made the shoe have a flexible construction. With additional arc support, being breathable and lightweight, the Kaepa Touch Up is the amazing cheerleading shoe for both practices & competitions.

I would not forget to mention the secure-fit system, removable insoles, and the Agion anti-microbial lining features that I found very attractive for the sport and kept me confident while cheering. 

Further, you won’t experience challenges in cleaning the Kaepa Touch Up because it has a micro-hide upper (uniquely textured) that is light and durable. 

Definitely, you’ll notice that the shoe has a breathable air-mesh tongue with a soft touch and remains centred due to being tethered. 


  • Best grip
  • APX heel pad,
  • It’s flexible, and a secure-Fit deign.


  • Heavy and might run small in size

6. Nfinity Evolution Cheer Shoes ( Runs 1 Size Smaller)

Nfinity cheer shoe evolution weighs just 6.5 Oz, and thus I felt like I wasn’t actually wearing shoes at all. The white Cheer Shoes are also highly flexible and will be delivered in a free red carrying case.

Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer Shoes Current Price On Amazon

It has outsole rubber pods that are appropriately located to guarantee the shoe’s durability but still maintaining your competitiveness.

But, my personal experience with the Nfinity cheer shoe evolution is that it tends to run two sizes smaller for kids & a half size smaller for women compared to the standard street shoe sizes.

This is because, with the “slipper-Esque” fit, the Nfinity evolution won’t fit like your regular shoe. 

I would consider the Nfinity evolution as a high-performance competition cheer footwear that will be great if you are a serious athlete.

Its “slipper-Esque” fit allows the Nfinity evolution to fit your foot like slippers. Notably, the design allows you to experience comfort and flexible cheering with the ergonomically built insoles. 


  • The outsole has pylon pads and EVA
  • Tight-fit design
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Lightweight design.


  • Size could run small

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7. Kaepa Cheerful cheer – Great for Bases

The role of the cheerleading base is to support a flyer while doing their aerial stunts. The base as an athlete must be a great communicator and coordinator. 

Kaepa Women's Cheerup Cheerleading Shoes Current Price On Amazon

Thus, the base keeps the flyers airborne and safe always. The base must cup or lockdown their heel to promote correct posture and enhance their stability. 

If you’re on a budget, then the Kaepa Cheerful will be the best cheer shoe for you. Uniquely, even at budget prices, the shoe is durable, lightweight, and low profile – which is great for bases. 

Kaepa Cheerful has a tough upper to increase stunting stability and improve heel support – which will mean the base will easily and forcefully lift the flyer without a worry.

It has inter-changeable Snap-On colors (20 to be specific) that you can easily use to match the current stunting uniform. Further, it has a soft internal mesh, and thus I found the shoe to be highly comfortable.

As a starter in cheerleading, you’ll find Kaepa Cheerful to be amazingly durable. However, it’s outer (made from the synthetic material) might fall off after some time. 


  • It’s critical to have shoes with top traction to prevent slipping while they are stunting – a hybrid, all-girl, or coed stunting. 
  • For additional stability, durability, and tractions, Kaepa Cheerful has a full rubber outsole. 
  • The base must have an even-keeled platform and a thick outsole.
  • Therefore, the pressure and strain that’ll be landing on their knees will not injure their shoulders, knees, and back. 


  • On the downside, Kaepa Cheerful is dense and less durable for spotters and bases compared to other options available below.

8. Adidas Women’s Cheer Flyer Cross-Trainer Shoe

Don’t be confused by the “Flyer” on this cheer shoes – it’s actually for bases. However, the Adidas Performance Flyer shoe is also great for spotters.  

adidas Women's Cheer Flyer Cross-Trainer Shoe

Current Price On Amazon

It has a solid outside but coming with an excellent mesh upper (hence highly breathable) for ankle support. But bases love the Adidas Performance Flyer for its stability and comfort. 

With its thick heel, the Adidas Performance Flyer provides the required stability and cushioning for them to easily lift their fryers into the air. Further, you’ll find this shoe easy to clean because it has no mesh on its outside.

For excellent stability and traction, Performance Flyer comes with a rubber outsole. The bases can now flyer into the air without worry of slipping – while still etching no skid marks on different floors. 


  • The pair has excellent arch support including being super beautiful with great width.
  • You’ll love the breathable lining and mesh tongue in addition to leather upper that’s super smooth. 
  • This shoe is true to its size and hence have less break-in period and is suitable for cheer practice.
  • It’s suitable for a longer time of dancing, jumping, and trail running. 


  • None 

9. ASICS Gel Cheer 6 Women’s

ASICS Gel Cheer 6 also combines the synthetic and mesh material to give you a light-weight tumbling experience – both for practice and competitive matches.

ASICS Women's GEL-Cheer 6 Cheerleading Shoe

Current Price On Amazon

For starters, NFinity Titan is a high-top cheer shoe, and thus provides adequate support to your ankle while you’re tumbling.  

With its form-fit design and synthetic leathers upper, the show will warp well around your forefoot and thus prevent excessive foot movements or twisting.

Compared to different cheerleading shoes, this one won’t run small – but be cautious as it could run narrow.

As you’re tumbling, you’ll need a shoe that absorbs the excess pressure and shock – which you can get in this ASICS Gel Cheer 6. Interestingly, this tumbling shoe has an arch panel in its midsole, which will improve your forefoot-heel stability.

The shoe has a mat-specific outsole. You’ll love this shoe for both your outdoor and indoor workouts and exercises.

Further, it has a great rebound system to its foot-bed to spring effectively during your stumbling missions. Its upper is non-stretch (woven) and comes pre-treating to be relatively stain-proof. 


  • I found that the exoskeleton build allows the shoe to fit snugly around your feet while giving adequate support, comfort, and stability. 
  • For perfect tumbling, this shoe is only 6 oz in weight – won’t hinder your moves.
  • NFinity Titan’s upper has a sturdy build that will give you enough sport and provide flexible movements during tumbling


  • None 


A form-fitting shoe is a critical aspect that ensures when you tie down your shoe, it’ll lock around the ankle, ensuring it remains beautiful and tight.

Cheerleading shoes for the game time and the shoot for competition cheerleading must be some footwear that the kids can tumble in but also support them enough while they are stunning.

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