7 Best Concussion Helmets for Football 2021

To keep yourself safe in the football field, you will require the right concussion helmet-the the best concussion helmets for football. Best Concussion Helmets for Football

Critical considerations for your helmet are that it must be lightweight, durable, ergonomic, must not cause skin irritation, or injure your opponent in case of a collision. 

In this article, I’ve reviewed the best concussion helmets for football. This guide will help sieve through the many helmet brands available in the market today. So, let’s get started. Check these best cheer shoes. 

Reviews: 7 Best Concussion Helmets for Football 2021

1. NFL Carolina Panthers Speed Authentic Football Helmet

Do you need a concussion helmet with a large shell that can accommodate both “big size heads and smaller sizes”? Then, NFL Carolina Panthers Speed Authentic Football Helmet is the classic option to go for.

NFL Carolina Panthers Speed Authentic Football Helmet View on Amazon

This product is cautiously designed and manufactured with large outer shell ad interior padding that is highly flexible to accommodate various head sizes at ease.

The 4-point chinstraps are perfectly positioned to maintain your head in place and keep the face guard in a central position. Moreover, the authentic internal design of NFL Carolina Panthers allows easier customization of interior space to fit your head size.

NFL Carolina Panthers has great autographs and comes in various collectible options/sizes that have been licensed officially. Moreover, these helmets come in a variety of colors for you to choose from – the colors can even be customized to fit your team’s official attire.

The aerodynamics outer shell of NFL Carolina Panthers is strongly molded to resist great impact, in case you fall or collide, without deformation. In addition, the shell has an attractive smooth chrome finish and a nice logo branding. 


  • Very attractive chrome finish
  • Has variety of colors and sizes
  • Authentic and highly durable
  • Budget friendly
  • Aerodynamic shell and extra protective
  • Officially licensed multiple brands.


  • The stripe may come off with time 

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2. Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet Without Faceguard

If you are looking for a non-metallic concussion helmet for football, I recommend that you go for Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet. 

Best Concussion Helmets for Football View on Amazon

Schutt has an apparent lightweight that won’t get you tired while in use. The TPU cushion lining, which is nicely fixed from the interior end, gives you an unparalleled comfort.

The standard inter-linked mechanical jaw pads come connected with a strong chinstrap to provide excellent protection in case of any collision.

Schutt has an internal lining pad that ensures a continuous internal airflow that cools/collects any sweating, which may occur/accumulate while playing. The helmet’s shell is firmly molded to absorb both light and robust impact without breaking or deforming.

This helmet is more comfortable to use – it has a simple locking mechanism that allows quick removal of face guard or chinstrap in case of an accident. Have you seen the Achilles Tendinitis shoes? 

Schutt also comes in various sizes that can fit smaller heads as well as extra-large heads – you will only require to specify the exact type that you need as per the options given.  The single padding TPU layer also gives an impressive compression while playing. 


  • Nice shape and appearance
  • Lightweight and easier to fix
  • Strong impact absorption
  • Dynamic fitting options by user
  • Extra protection lining
  • Strongly molded outer shell
  • Top quality/brand


  • Non-metallic 

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3. Riddell SpeedFlex Adult Football Helmet with Facemask

In case you are a man footballer, Riddell SpeedFlex Adult Football Helmet with Facemask is a perfect choice for your safety during the game.

Riddell SpeedFlex Adult Football Helmet with Facemask View on Amazon

The Helmet is specifically designed with user in mind to offer great impact prevention in case of fall or collision.

The 5-star rated product has a patented side protection guard that comes in a flexible system that protects you from side-fall injuries – matching high with different mouth-guards. 

Riddell SpeedFlex has a varsity-structured helmet shell that is engineered from polycarbonate material, and it’s extra-hardened to prevent it from breaking in case of impact. This helmet is of high durability.

Moreover, the outer shell is inter-connected with the facemask/guard to give you further protection. The lightweight material of Riddell SpeedFlex will make you play for long without getting head/neck fatigue.

Riddell SpeedFlex is manufactured with a simple, flexible system that enables you to fit it comfortably. The helmet is also made with a beautiful internal pad lining that provides extra comfort while gaming.

You will not experience any irritation while sporting since the product has ample spacing for airflow that lubricates the cushioned part- this will also give you a tender feeling. 


  • Flexible system for easier fitting/Customizable
  • Has Facemask/guard
  • Has Patented Side Impact Protection
  • 5 star market rating
  • Comfortable and Durable – Polycarbonate material
  • Stylish and appealing,


  • Limited varieties 


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4. Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football Helmet

Your youth football sporting activities will only be made enjoyable when using Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football Helmet.

Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football Helmet View on Amazon

I recommend this product due its amazing ergonomic design that makes it fit excellently in young footballers.

Rawlings Momentum has a rear inflation port that provides an adjustment option for proper fitting to your head size. In addition, the helmet has a C3 internal inflation liner that can be customized to your appropriate options.

The helmet’s outer shell has a beautiful shape and color (dark green) that boost your confidence while playing. The Rawling heat exchange technology, which is incorporated in Rawlings Momentum, perfectly cools your head and neck region while sporting without causing any irritation.

Rawlings Momentum is suitable for both athletes and pro players as its shape allow a more natural navigation against airflow.

Unlike other helmets, Rawlings Momentum doesn’t come with face guard – though it’s purported to be purchased separately.

There is nothing more comfortable than having a helmet that perfectly fits you and has an appealing shape that boost your confidence among other football players – Rawlings Momentum is one of its kind that have such features. 


  • Has rear inflation port for perfect fitting
  • Has Heat Exchange Technology for Cooling
  • Contains C3 customizable inflation liner
  • Strong impaction strength
  • Stylistic design and shape


  • Doesn’t include the facemask/guard

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5. Schutt Sports Youth AiR Standard V Football Helmet

Could you be looking for a concussion helmet that suit your young rigorous football players? Then, I confidently recommend Schutt Sports Youth AiR Standard V Football Helmet.

Schutt Sports Youth AiR Standard V Football Helmet View on Amazon

The product features a perfect shell design that is self-hardened and molded using the ABS plastic material that offers you an ample protection in case of any impact.

The EVA and EPP foam liner that is nicely fixed in the interior part provides you fantastic comfort while gaming. Besides, Schutt Sports has a perfectly designed face frame that securely protects you throughout the game.

You will like the well-engineered shape and size of Schutt Sports that will further boost your confidence and performance while playing with others.

Schutt Sports won’t cause any irritation on your skin – it has a lower chin-cup that allows continuous airflow, thus causing further cooling your headcover.

Moreover, the TPU Air Maxx jaw pads inter-linked with plastic buckles, and a hanging chinstrap gives you a flexible fit-options.

Schutt Sports is safety guaranteed – its V-Standard shape is NOCSAE approved for quality safety protection. 


  • NOCSAE approved for safety
  • No skin irritation – has TPU air maxx padding
  • Very Comfortable – has EVA and EPP foam liner
  • Has plastic buckles and chinstrap
  • Best for youth players
  • Strong impact resistance – made from self-hardened ABS plastic material. 


  • Limited sizes and Wide space face frame

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6. Schutt Sports 798004 Youth Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet

When selecting best concussion helmet for the football, color and ergonomics are key factors to check on.

Schutt Sports 798004 Youth Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet View on Amazon

You will notice that these factors have made Schutt Sports 798004 Youth Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet a top rated helmet in the current market.

The white color (among others) that comes in this helmet camouflage nicely with cloudy weather and reflects excess radiation in case of the sunny condition, avoiding excess heating of your head.

You will appreciate the impressive shape, size, and design Schutt Sports 798004, which is perfectly engineered to fit your head without strain.

The TPU cushioning that is specially fixed will give you great comfort when playing. You will quickly fix the facemask (though it’s bought separately) without strain as the lock point is left with a self-locking mechanism.

Your young child will not be injured easily when using this helmet because Schutt Sports 798004 has a massive standoff outer shell that is firmly molded to help absorb great impact force without deformation.

The D30 technology used in the manufacture of Schutt Sports 798004 guarantees you continuous protection while playing. It is the best helmet for your young footballers.

The removable DNA faceguard is nicely designed to allow smooth movement of your jaws and does not interfere with the chin while playing. 


  • Provides great impact absorption
  • Great comfort – has TPU cushioning
  • Comes in various sizes
  • High protection and durability
  • Easier to use – no chin buckle
  • Removable faceguard
  • Best for young footballers


  • Not sold with faceguard and Unsuitable for people with “very big heads”

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7. Xenith Youth X2E+ Black Football Helmet

When searching for the best concussion helmet that will fit either your young kids or adult footballers, Xenith Youth X2E+ Black Football Helmet is the best helmet to choose.

Xenith Youth X2E+ Black Football Helmet View on Amazon

You will enjoy its long service since the product is manufactured using self-hardened ABS plastic, which is strongly hardened to resist abrasion.

The nice ergonomic design of Xenith Youth X2E+ will allow you to fit your head or other head sizes without strain perfectly. Moreover, the helmet comes with an accustomed chinstrap to fix it further into place.

The Xenith Youth X2E+ is engineered with a unique suspension system that allows the durable outer shell to move independently during impacts without affecting your head. Besides, the X2E+ shock absorption technology regulates any linear or internal impact reactions.

Xenith Youth X2E+ is internally supported by a silicon brand that will help you custom the helmet to the shape of your head. The 3DX jaw guards will protect your jaws from any collisions, while the hybrid chinstrap supports the framework correctly into place.

Xenith Youth X2E+ is generally lightweight and would be suitable for your intermediated footballers. The appealing multiple colors that this helmet comes in provides extra confidence, which will improves your overall performance when playing. 


  • Has self-hardened ABS plastic shell
  • No pumps needed
  • Has a strong faceguard
  • Strong shock absorber – X2E technology
  • Comfortable – has internal silicon liner
  • Variety of colors and sizes
  • 3DX jaw guard protection. 


  • Not suitable for “big headed people” and Fixing face frame may take long

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When selecting concussion helmet for football, it is important to consider the ergonomics, material used, shape and comfort it will give you. 

The faceguard flexibility and availability are necessary, especially if you intend to retain your helmet for long. 

Proper maintenance will be needed to prevent any injuries that may occur to you or your opponent as the helmet is meant to be a protective kit, not a weapon. 


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