7 Best Cross Training Shoes for High Arches 2021

Selecting the best cross training shoes for high arches is considered to be a shocking decision toward achieving excellent comfort when carrying out your physical activities. Best Cross Training Shoes for High Arches

Often, high arches persons suffer disorders such as plantar fasciitis, muscular dystrophy, or plantar fibroma due to wrong shoe selection, something that can be eliminated when making your purchase.

Consider comfortable footbed support, high padding level, improved ventilation, compressible midsole, high arch profile, wide toe box, classic toecap protection, adjustable tongue, simple closure, and odor-free. Read Also: Non-Cycling Shoes for Cycling

Review: 7 Best Cross Training Shoes for High Arches 2021 

1. ASICS Women’s GEL-Noosa Tri 11 Running Shoe

Asics Women is a top-quality product that features incredible design and unique colors, which will boost your confidence when cross-training, among others.

ASICS Women's GEL-Noosa Tri 11 Running Shoe View on Amazon

This pair of shoes comes with enhanced internal cushioning that is odor treated and won’t irritate your skin upon contact.

The medium profile footwear is specially constructed using a sturdy rubber outer sole that is highly flexible to allow smooth foot arching (when training) without muscle straining. The dual-density footbed is extra softened (for better foot massage), while the heel cap is designed with an impact guidance system that effectively bears impacts without flattening.

Moreover, this pair comes with a dynamic duomax arch support system that allows smooth arching when training. The wide toe area is well padded to improve internal grip while the removable insole is washable and easier to replace.

Asics Women is manufactured using 100% synthetic material that is durable and wear-resistant. Indeed, the upper mesh is finely knitted to allow maximum airflow for internal cooling/aeration. Notably, this pair comes simple lace closure and adjustable tongue.

More so, let your pair integrated a strong outer sole that is both flexible and lightweight for easier motion control.


  • Seamless construction and full line performance
  • 100% synthetic material and beautiful graphics
  • Impressive colors and flexible rubber outsole
  • Enhanced internal cushioning and strong heel support
  • Padded toe box and adjustable lace-up fastener
  • Dual-density footbed supports and washable insole
  • Forefoot comfortable gel and impact guidance system
  • Slip-resistant outsole and dynamic duo-max support system
  • Breathable upper material and incredible arch performance
  • Lightweight and cushioned tongue/color


  • Slightly expensive
  • Supplied in 2 colors only

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2. Inov-8 F-Lite 260 Knit Cross-training Shoes

Inov Lite is medium profile footwear that is specially designed with a sturdy synthetic outsole, which is self-hardened to bear extra weight without flattening.

Inov-8 F-Lite 260 Knit Cross-training Shoes View on Amazon

The deep treads that come with this pair are slightly inclined to improve traction and generate excellent grip when cross-training without sliding.

Indeed, Inov comes with a slip-resistant insole that is thickened and well padded to generated incredible internal comfort when walking. The comfortable face tongue is breathable and comes with an adjustable mechanism that self-centers your foot when in motion.

Inov is manufactured using a high-grade synthetic material that is strongly knitted to improve service life and reduce tear/wear. The abrasion tested upper finish is perfectly spaced to allow maximum air circulation needed for sweat elimination and cooling when cross-training.

Besides, Inov is fitted with an air-cushioned heel pad that is enlarged to improve base stability. This pair of shoes comes with beautiful selectable colors and classic Inov graphics that makes you stand out among others. Further, the dynamic footbed is perfectly reinforced with a compressible midsole to improve base support when arching.

NB: Inov Lite is stylish and comes with tough toecap protection.


  • Budget-friendly and lightweight
  • Tough synthetic outer sole and impressive outlook design
  • Strong upper mesh knitting and breathable poles
  • Comfortable padded tongue (adjustable) and classic overlays
  • Cushioned collar and interior – comfortable
  • Beautiful selectable colors and classic inov graphics
  • Tough toecap protection and slip-resistant insole
  • Air-cushioned heel padding and dynamic footbed


  • Comes in limited sizes
  • The arch profile may tend low to some people

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3. Nike Women’s Lunarglide 8

Nike Lunar is classic modern woman footwear that features strongly knitted synthetic upper material that’s both water/stick-resistant and strain tested for durability.

Nike Women's Lunarglide 8 View on Amazon

This shoe comes with a tough rubber outer sole that is thickened to yield heavyweight women when cross-training without deformation.

The ultra-lightweight product integrates sturdy shaft reinforcement that maintains stiffness and eliminates any deformation that may occur with use. The compressible footbed is internally arched to hold high arches individuals perfectly without muscle strains, while the toe section is padded to improve internal grip without skidding.

Nike Lunar features removable inserts that are washable and compatible with other shoes. The comfortable inner cushioning is finely stitched while the soft soak liners are odor treated and won’t cause skin irritation on contact.

Moreover, Nike Lunar features a classic collar (cushioned) and a comfortable tongue that centers your foot perfectly for best cross-training motion. Importantly, this pair of shoes comes with classic interwoven eyelets and reliable upper vents.


  • Thick rubber outer sole and stunning design
  • Padded heel cap and classic internal arching
  • Removable inserts and beautiful colors –selectable
  • Grippy footbed and ultra-lightweight
  • Modern Flywire technology and lace closure
  • Strongly stitched upper mesh (synthetic)
  • Classic woven eyelets and padded tongue
  • Comfortable inner cushioning and cushioned collar
  • Impressive Nike graphics and strong shaft reinforcement
  • Water/stick-resistant upper and high ventilations


  • No toecap protector
  • Comes with flat outer sole
  • Limited sizes

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4. Brooks Men’s Glycerin 17

Brooks Glycerin features a comfortable DNA LOFT midsole that nicely massages your foot when walking without instilling strains.

Brooks Men's Glycerin 17 View on Amazon

This pair is manufactured using refined fabric material that is both pressure and strain tested for best cross-training performance.

The stick-resistant upper mesh comes with fine vents (for internal aeration) while the tough, flexible rubber outer sole hardened to carry heavy weight trainees without deformation. Further, the sole is marked with classic tread patterns that are slip-resistant and improve traction.

Brooks Glycerin comes with impressive optional colors and stunning brook graphics that will look attractive and improve your self-confidence when training, among others. The footbed is reinforced with a strong midshaft (prevents disorientation) while the heel section is padded and thickened/energized to bear impacts and shocks perfectly when landing.

The budget-friendly footwear comes with responsive internal cushioning that is comfortable and odor treated. The soak liners are nicely stitched in place, while the flexible 3D Print guarantees you unparalleled performance.

NB: Brooks Glycerin is lightweight and stylish.


  • Perfect fit transition and DNA midsole –cushioned
  • Classic lace fastener and thick heel support – padded
  • Flexible 3D Print and responsive internal cushion
  • Beautiful optional colors and replaceable insole
  • Internally arched footbed and best quality fabrics
  • Breathable upper face and comfortable padded tongue
  • Cushioned collar and energized heel support
  • Excellent overall flexibility and light net weight
  • Budget-friendly and attractive design


  • The mid-arching could be higher
  • the toe area is slightly curved

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5. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

Nike Pegasus is world-class woman footwear that features durable Cushlon ST foam cushioning, which generates continuous internal comfort when cross-training without irritating your skin on contact.

Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes View on Amazon

The upper fabric material is strongly reinforced with tough/flexible Flywire cables to improved durability and service life.

Indeed, this pair of shoes comes with multiple colors (selectable) and impressive Nike graphics that make you outstanding when cross-training, among others. The beveled heel padding is reinforced with air pockets that allow maximum shock absorption when landing without fattening.

Moreover, this product comes with a full-length zoom air unit and internally arched footbed that work nicely for mid and high arches. The padded inserts (removable) are compressible and washable while the cushioned/padded collar is nicely designed to improve foot orientation when running or cross-training.

The woven eyelets come with an adjustable lace-up closure that secures your feet nicely behind a comfortable/breathable tongue without over-straining. Indeed, the flexible response sidewalls are air-cushioned while the upper mesh comes with fine vents that allow maximum air circulation needed for internal cooling when exercising.

Notably, Nike Pegasus is durable and comes with a strong rubber crash rail.


  • Impressive appearance and classic sleek design
  • Cushlon ST foam and full-length zoom air unit
  • Lightweight material and Neutral to underpronation
  • The beveled heel pad and flexible response
  • Rubber crash rail and waffle outsole pattern
  • Lockdown fit mesh and  improved Flymesh upper
  • Lightly padded collar/tongue and resilient soak liners
  • Multiple beautiful colors and improve breathability
  • Padded inserts (removable) and woven eyelets
  • Classic Nike graphics and anti-microbial treated


  • The toe width may run narrow for wide feet
  • Mat take longer drying period as compared to others
  • A little bit pricey

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6. Ryka Women’s Vida RZX

Ryka Vida is a medium arched women shoes that feature high-grade fabric material that is strongly knitted and woven to improve strength and reduce wear and tear when cross-training.

Ryka Women's Vida RZX View on Amazon

The breathable upper networks are well ventilated for better internal aeration.

This pair of shoes comes with adjustable lace closure runs nicely through the perfect-lit eyelets while the padded collar perfectly centers your foot when training without over-pressing. Further, slip-resistant inserts come integrates classic toe print that improves internal grip/traction without skidding.

Ryka women have low shaft footbed support and flexible rubber sole that easily arch without much strain. The dense midsole is compressible (for smooth arch support) and thickened while the ultra-flex forefoot aligns perfectly with the anatomic foot base for best thrust motion when cross-training.

Besides, this product comes with resilient toecap protection that shields your toes entirely from knocks while the soft soak lining is microbial treated to eliminated odor. More so, this pair comes with beautiful colors and a stylish outlook that will improve your self-confidence when cross-training among other persons.

Importantly, Ryka Women’s is affordable and comes with air-cushioned interiors.


  • Tough synthetic overlays and padded tongue
  • Adjustable lace closure and Comfortable inner cushioning
  • Soft soak lining and lightweight fabric material
  • Thick flexible rubber sole and padded heel cap
  • Slip-resistant inner sole and resilient toecap protection
  • Highly breathable upper network and dense midsole
  • Ultra-flex forefoot and anatomical footbed support
  • Midshaft integration and anti-skid tread pattern
  • Padded tongue/collar and stunning design
  • Affordable and durable


  • Longer drying period
  • Comes in 3 selectable colors only
  • The mid arch may get low

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7. Brooks Women’s Launch 6

Brooks women are mid-profile footwear that features pressure test and abrasion-resistant upper, synthetic material, which claims to deriver continuous cross-training service without wear or tear.

Brooks Women's Launch 6 View on Amazon

This product integrates dual-density heel support that is air-cushioned to yield impacts and shocks (bounce) without flattening.

Indeed, Brooks comes with a cushioned tongue and padded collar that nicely centers your foot when in motion without straining. Moreover, these shoes come with a soft comfortable lining that won’t irritate your skin on contact. You will love the stunning outlook and beautiful selectable colors that come with these shoes – makes it stand out.

The ultra-lightweight pair of shoes comes with energized internal cushioning (breathable) and responsive mid-arch support that allows smooth arching without instilling muscle pain. Further, this footwear comes with BioMoGo DNA midsole, which is compressible and orthotic for high arches individuals.

Brooks Women entails a classic brookside logo and perfect fit toe box that allows the best cross-movement without over-pressing. Further, this pair of shoes is fitted with a removable inner sole that is washable and easier to replace. The thick internal arch integration holds the foot-arch is place while the extra base width improves stability when walking.

Importantly, Brooks Women’s comes with fine-lit eyelets and breathable upper vents for internal cooling.


  • Incredible outlook appearance and tough mesh network
  • Beautiful colors (selectable) and Improved internal aeration
  • The high-quality synthetic material and Dual-density heel support
  • Flexible rubber outsole and padded toe section
  • Adjustable lace fastening and replaceable/washable inner sole
  • Cushioned tongue and classic padded collar
  • Ultra-lightweight and Responsive mid arch
  • Energizes internal cushioning and BioMoGo DNA midsole
  • Pressure tested and abrasion-resistant upper finish
  • Perfect fit and classic brooks side logo
  • Budget-friendly and fine-lit eyelets


  • Toe width may run narrow
  • Don’t come with pull fit
  • The mesh takes longer drying time

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Your best cross-training shoes for high arches should entail properties such as comfortable internal cushioning, improved breathability, high profile arching, and with soft liners.

Also; check that the shoe is a lightweight, durable material, high flexibility, compressible footbed, better heel/toe padding level as well as a simple closure mechanism.

Importantly, go for a pair that is stylish and affordable without compromising quality.

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