7 Best Drop Foot Brace for 2021 Reviewed

Selecting the best drop foot brace can help you improve comfort and alleviate occurrences of disorder like drop foot and plantar fasciitis.

Have clear information on muscles are affected and the side of the foot you want to order the item for since drop foot affect particular muscles, and thus, the design also varies according to the intended use. Best Drop Foot Brace

It’s necessary to check other factors such as the flexibility level, durability, ease to adjust, fastening options, and arching.

Check the base width, trim ability, the net weight as well as the outlook design concerning your foot before placing your order. Read Also: Cross Training Shoes for High Arches

Reviews: Top 7 Best Drop Foot Brace for 2021

1. Core Products FootFlexor AFO Foot Drop Brace – #1 Pick

Flexor Afo is the USA made product that features a classic drop foot mobility mechanism, which allows smooth arch motion without pain upon use.

Best Drop Foot Brace View on Amazon

The upper design comes with an adjustable fastener that is easier to fit and reset at will without much hassle.

Indeed, this drop brace is manufactured in a variety of sizes (selectable) ranging from small to extra-large. The ankle circumference is nicely padded to improve comfort while the foot arch design aligns perfectly with the fasciitis muscles, thus giving you a relaxing walking moment.

Besides, Flexor Afo features a simple toe flex design and rigid shin support that massage the back muscles when in motion without stains. This product is unisex (can be won by any gender) and manufactured using fine grain material that is durable and odor-free.

Notably, Flexor Afo is budget-friendly and more comfortable to clean.


  • Classic drop foot mobility and more comfortable to fasten
  • Lightweight material and comfortable
  • The USA made and simple toe flex.
  • Variety of sizes – from small to extra-large
  • Adjustable ankle circumference and unisex
  • Budget-friendly and nice profile
  • Excellent fit and durable


  • Won over long socks –no direct skin contact
  • May over-press the muscle if not well adjusted
  • Needs laced shoes for best fastening

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2. Rebound Foot-Up for Drop Foot Easy to Use – #2 Pick

Rebound is an ultra-modern drop brace that features a classic lateral control and simple adjustable medial, which allows perfect positioning of muscles when walking without straining.

Rebound Foot-Up for Drop Foot Easy to Use View on Amazon

This product comes with dynamic and discrete tarsal support that relaxes and massages the footbed when walking, thus relieving your pain.

Rebound integrates voluntary plantar flexion that is nicely positioned to improve radial muscle activeness while the extended toe base support allows smooth nerve impulse during therapy exercises. Further, Rebound is fitted with a soft inner lining that is comfortable and washable.

The impressive drop foot brace comes with perfect fit design (won’t over-press you) and highly flexible material that allows better muscle play when walking without losing its shape with use. The front part is designed with an adaptable face strap that is compatible with the lace closure shoe type.

Moreover, Rebound is lightweight and manufactured using the best quality material that is machine knitted to improve service life and reduce cases of tear when fitting.


  • Classic lateral control and simple adjustable medial
  • Discreet and dynamic tarsal support
  • Voluntary plantarflexion and adaptable with lace shoes
  • Optional Rebound Foot-Up and adjustable foot close strap
  • Best quality material and comfortable contour
  • Perfect fit and soft inner lining
  • Washable and highly flexible
  • Affordable and simple clamp release


  • Don’t support heel muscles.
  • May require dorsiflexion support.
  • No large size available -limited

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3. GHzzY Ankle Support – AFO Foot Drop Orthosis Brace

Ghzzy Orthosis is an orthotic brace that features comfortable soft foam padding, which massages your heel and fasciitis muscles nicely when walking without causing strains.

GHzzY Ankle Support - AFO Foot Drop Orthosis Brace View on Amazon

The simple radial strap is easily adjustable and comes with a comfortable inner lining.

Ghzzy Orthosis is specially designed with a low and medium arch profile that works excellently for flat feet and medium arch individuals. The footbed is softened (to improve comfort) and further reinforced with a slip-resistant composite that gives you suitable grips when walking.

Moreover, this drop foot brace comes with classic dorsiflexion assistance and unmatched lateral stability, which aligns your foot perfectly when in motion. More so, the heel is extra cushioned and inclined to generate incredible muscle relief when walking while the lateral width comes with provision for trimming to your foot size.

Ghzzy Orthosis is lightweight and integrates strong vertical rigidity that maintains its stiffness (with use) without deformation. Further, this product is manufactured using high-grade polythene material, which is flexible and washable.

Importantly, Ghzzy Orthosis is removable and comes with a magic stick fastening calf.


  • Comfortable soft foam padding and Tough polythene material
  • Classic dorsiflexion assistance and unmatched lateral stability
  • Highly adjustable and soft radial straps
  • Improved flexibility and Slip-resistant padding
  • Comfortable heel support and trim-allowance
  • Magic stick fastening calf and lightweight
  • Removable and washable
  • Classic vertical rigidity and durable


  • Limited sizes –medium size only
  • Don’t come in pair
  • May be narrow for wide feet

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4. AliMed Swedish AFO, Men’s Right Drop Foot Brace

Alimed is an ortho-approved product that features a thick footplate, which has improved lateral stability for steady landing motion.

AliMed Swedish AFO, Men's Right Drop Foot Brace View on Amazon

The soft injection-molded polyethylene splint softened (better massage) and impressively designed with sturdy rigidity that keeps dorsal muscles in place when walking.

Moreover, this brace comes with a simple strap fastener (radial) that is nicely padded and lined with soft cushion for comfortable skin contact. The flexible footbed is reinforced with comfortable static dorsiflexion assistance, which aligns the fasciitis/metatarsal in place without for best arching when walking.

Alimed is lightweight and features a stiff vertical rigidity necessary to keep the face/dorsal muscles in the right position without much strain. More so, this product comes with ample trim allows (optional) and streamlined profiling that allows perfect fit in various footwear.

Indeed, this drop foot braces are available in various sizes and designs, which are selectable at will. Further, Alimed is unisex (has an option for any gender) and features a low arch profile that works best for medium and flat feet persons without causing pain when walking/arching.

NB: Alimed is affordable and lightweight.


  • Soft injection-molded polyethylene splint
  • Sturdy Polyethylene material and can be trimmed.
  • Thin footplate and comfortable static dorsiflexion assistance
  • Simple strap fastener and streamlined design
  • Light net weight and improved lateral stability
  • Strong vertical rigidity and Affordable
  • Padded hook-and-loop strap
  • Available in various options/designs and gender
  • Low heel profile and highly flexible


  • Not designed in pairs
  • Comes in black and white color only

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5. Assur AFO Light Foot Orthosis Drop Foot Brace

Assur is a lightweight drop foot brace that features a classic design and silicone padded foot support, which is slip-resistant and comfortable.

Assur AFO Light Foot Orthosis Drop Foot Brace View on Amazon

The tough, rigid vertical shaft is designed to hold the back muscles incredibly without causing muscle strain.

Moreover, this product integrates strong ankle-foot orthosis design, which improves base stability when walking. Assur is manufactured using tough carbon fiber material (durable) that is self-hardened and refined to enhance its skin texture (won’t irritate your skin upon contact). Indeed, the upper section is fitted with a comfortable radial strap (adjustable) that is well cushioned and lined with soft ortho-treated material.

The washable drop foot brace is compatible with various pairs of shoes and comes with a wide range trip allowance. More so, Assur comes with thin footplate and rigid tarsal support that extends nicely up to the toe area. The padded mid-arch deign is slightly thickened (eliminates plantar fibroma) and works best for mild to moderate drop foot effectively.

Notably, Assur is easier to fit and wide-range weight support – up to 220 lb.


  • Lightweight and strong ankle-foot orthosis design
  • Support mild to moderate drop foot cases
  • Tough carbon fiber construction and comfortable footbed
  • Simple strap closure (adjustable) and Anti-slip properties
  • Classic silicone padding and wide-range weight support – up to 220 lb.
  • Washable and more comfortable to fit – has a trim option.
  • Compatible with many footwear and thin footplate
  • Stiff vertical shaft and rigid tarsal support
  • Durable and soft lining – no skin irritation


  • Quite expensive as compared to others
  • Don’t support face muscle therapy
  • Comes in one color only

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6. Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

UltraZoom is an ankle designed brace that features best-quality composite material, which is microbial treated and strain tested for wear and tear.

Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace View on Amazon

The compacted design that comes with this product holds your foot firmly without over-pressing.

Indeed, the front face is highly cushioned (for smooth muscle relaxation and continuous massage) while the ankles are shielded with dense, compressible material that protects you from injuries. Further, Ultra Zoom comes with wide ankle radial that merely is adjustable and fits various foot sizes.

The budget-friendly drop foot brace integrates hinged-cuff design and padded heel support, which reliefs you muscle pain excellently. The classic heel cap is nicely extended (two improve stability), while the side width can be trimmed to your size for the best suitable option.

Ultra Zoom features high flex performance and soft strap liners that won’t cause skin irritation upon contact. Importantly, this product is washable and durable.


  • Comfortable ankle lining and adjustable strap
  • Dense, compressible face cushioning.
  • Compacted design and high flex performance
  • Perfect fitting with other footwear
  • Best quality material and microbial treated
  • Wide ankle circumference and budget-friendly
  • Available in all sizes – small to extra large
  • Classic heel cap and hinged-cuff design
  • Padded ankle protectors and soft inner liners


  • Comes in two colors only
  • Don’t support metatarsals

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7. Orthomen Ankle Foot Orthosis Support-  Drop Foot Brace

Orthomen is an orthotic approved drop foot brace that features durable polypropylene material and classic heel cap design, which allows smooth foot arching (when walking) and continuous pain relief without much hassle.

Orthomen Ankle Foot Orthosis Support-  Drop Foot Brace View on Amazon

The product comes with a wide range of sizes that include individual right or left foot design for optional selection.

The cushioned padded strap (top) that comes with this brace is highly adjustable while the inner soak lining is softened (for best comfort) and won’t cause skin irritation upon contact. Moreover, this item comes with extended medial and lateral support that aid in muscle relaxation when walking.

Orthomen comes with improve toe clearance and comfortable trimmable base width that fit nicely in various shoes without much strain. Further, the footbed is excellently reinforced to achieve greater rigidity and eliminated cases of plastic deformation when used by heavyweight persons.

Indeed, Orthomen comes with a low arch profile that works best for mid-arches and flat feet persons efficiently. The sturdy vertical shaft is hardened to improve its stiffness while the footbed integrates skid-resistant properties.


  • Durable polypropylene material and classic heel cap design
  • Designed specially for right or left foot
  • Improve toe clearance and comfortable shin
  • Padded footbed and cushioned strap
  • Adjustable and soft liners
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Affordable and can be trimmed
  • Low arch profile and easier to clean
  • Extended medial and lateral support
  • Greater rigidity to resist plastic deformation
  • Excellent fitting and outstanding foot therapy


  • Limited color options
  • No face muscle support
  • May not reach the toe area

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To alleviate the case of foot drop and muscle paralysis that often occurs at the front face of the foot, select the best drop foot brace from the above options.

These products are specially designed and manufactured with various stability mechanism, which allows smooth muscle/nerves correction with time, thus relieving your pain.

Also, you will need to consider vital features like the size, adjustability, arch profile, the adaptability with your footwear, degree of flexibility, and cost implication before making your purchase.

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