7 Best Football Cleats for Running Backs 2021

Footwear plays a significant role in the success of any running backs in football games. Best Football Cleats For Running Backs

To achieve a firm grip, make quick sharp cuts, and maintain continuous agility, you will need to select the best football cleats for running backs.

Importantly, purchase durable and lightweight cleats that enable you to utilize available energy without getting fatigued quickly – check the best cheer shoes. So, let’s get down to the football cleats reviews. 

Reviews: Top 7 Best Football Cleats for Running Backs 2021 

1. Under Armour Men’s Nitro Low Mc Football S cleats

When looking for a low profile running back football cleat, check on the ergonomic impression that comes with Under Armour, which will boost your performance and confidence when playing. 

Under Armour Men's Nitro Low Mc Football S cleats View on Amazon

The Under Armour is specially designed with highly durable material (coated textile synthetic). Moreover, the open hole mesh tongue combination creates continuous airflow that allows feet cooling while playing (breathable).

The synthetic sole is perfectly molded and fixed in place nicely to give excellent stability and comfort. You will also experience extra toe protection as the interior design of Under Armour has provision for toe padding.

The lightweight product comes with a TPU heel clip to increase your stability further while in motion. Usually, the Under Armour has a die-cut EVA sock liner that covers your foot nicely.

With Under Armour, you will enjoy optional selection of colors to fit your choice. Unlike other brands of football cleats, Under Armour has a superior cleat plate that gives you great traction and agility.


  • Has toe padding and heel support
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Stylish and multiple colors
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Great traction and agility


  • Cleats are permanently fixed

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2. Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Football Cleat

If you are looking for the best football cleats for running backs that don’t weigh you down when playing, Men’s Vapor is the choice for you. This cleat features a strong interwoven synthetic mesh skin that is highly durable. 

Nike Men's Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Football Cleat View on Amazon

The circular knit bootie construction centralizes the feet right for easier movement and will give you strong ankle support. Importantly, the fly weave used to make this footwear is lightweight and strongly knitted.

The Nike Men’s Vapor has a carbon fiber plate that strongly connects the 14-cleats, which offers extra strength, traction and agility while running backs.

The flexible upper shell of Nike Men’s Vapor is perfectly designed to allow smooth foot arching without causing muscle strain.

Nike Men’s Vapor is safe for your feet since its meshed synthetic material is anti-microbial treated to keep off any odor or moisture.

Nike Men’s Vapor is designed with excellent shape and impression that will enable you to maneuver sharp cuts and increase speed while playing.

Nike Men’s Vapor also has different colors that you may select from to match your team or interest.


  • Great traction and strength
  • Stylish and Variety of colors – 31 color options
  • Strong knitting and lightweight
  • Odor free and no moisture accumulation
  • Carbon fiber plate with 14 cleats
  • Top quality and budget friendly


  • Slightly narrow

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3. Adidas Men’s Adizero 5-Star 5.0 Football Cleat

Adidas Men’s Adizero is top choice footwear that comes with best spring back cleats, which excellently boost your daily performance in running backs. 

Best Football Cleats For Running Backs View on Amazon

Adidas Men’s Adizero is nicely designed and ergonomically engineered to fit your foot smoothly. Moreover, the boot comes in different sizes to select from.

The EVA insole material, which is anatomically molded, gives extra comfort to your foot while in motion and acts as a shock absorber when breaking. Adidas Men’s Adizero has a slightly raised heel cup that creates a spring feel when walking or running backs.

The outer sole of Adidas Men’s Adizero is reinforced with a strong top plate to improve traction and strength. In addition, the upper section is manufactured using top quality sprint skin material, which is strongly knitted to form attractive shock webs.

The stud configuration of Adidas Men’s Adizero allows you to make advanced acceleration and enhances sharp cuts when gaming – the Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis.

The synthetically molded sole is designed with extra-large base to improve your stability further when playing. Moreover, the base has point option for adjusting cleats. This football cleat is stylish and impressive- it has a logo that nicely match with material colors.


  • Improved traction and stability – has extra base area
  • Aerodynamics lining cream
  • 100% Synthetic and lightweight
  • Strong and Durable – top quality material is used
  • Adjustable cleats
  • Attractive – has variety of colors and sizes.


  • Not suitable for people with wide feet

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4. Nike Kids’ Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleats

Nike Kids’ Vapor cleats are suitable for your young kids or youths (below 15 years) in their running backs activity. 

Nike Kids' Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleats View on Amazon

This shoe is a 100 % synthetic and lightweight thus it won’t weigh your kid down while playing. The full-length phylon midsole design ensures continued stability while running without sliding.

Nike Kids’ Vapor has a perfect ankle lining/collar, and durable internal cushioning that offers excellent comfort.

You will notice the boot cleats that protrude nicely from the firmly molded rubber sole. These give your kids continuous support and stability when jogging, running, or dribbling.

The Nike Kids’ Vapor has a comfortable cushioned tongue, and a standard lases that excellently secures the foot in place. Moreover, the product comes with a well-designed foam insole that acts as a shock absorber when breaking.

The aerodynamic shape and design of Nike Kids’ Vapor makes it easier to take sharp cuts and advances the acceleration without skidding.


  • 100% Synthetic and comfortable
  • Aerodynamics shape for easier movement
  • Highly Durable and abrasion resistance material
  • Best for young kids – below 15 years
  • Comfortable – has cushion lining
  • No odor or moisture retention


  • Unsuitable for people with large feet
  • Limited sizes

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5. Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD Men’s Football Cleats

Nike Vapor football cleat is specifically designed for men. The shoe is made from a 100% synthetic fiber that is lightweight thus it won’t weigh you down when running backs. 

Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD Mens Football Cleats View on Amazon

The pure carbon plate at the sole bottom strongly supports the cleats and secures heavy weight without deformation.

Nike Vapor is internally fabricated with Dri-FIT UV fabric that helps keep your feet dry throughout the game. The contrast support on the ankle section helps retain your foot in a central position.

Actually, Nike Vapor has a synthetic sole that has self-hardened mold cleats, which offer a strong grip when running backs without breaking.

The aesthetic shape of this boot will boost your confidence and performance further. In addition, Nike Vapor comes in various sizes that can fit either young or adult football players.

Importantly, this product is top quality. This shoe has multiple colors you can choose from e.g. white/volt, blue/yellow, red/gold, navy/white etc.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable – has cushioned lining
  • Strong material and abrasion resistant – 100% synthetic
  • Has multiple colors and sizes
  • Strong carbon plate cleats support
  • Dri-FIT UV fabric – moisture removal


  • Unsuitable for people with very large feet

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6. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football cleats

Adidas Men’s Freak is a low profile football cleats comes in a raised heel cup boost your running backs. The boot won’t weigh you back as it’s made from a 100% synthetic material, which is lightweight. 

Adidas Men's Freak X Carbon Mid Football cleats View on Amazon

Adidas Men’s Freak has strong knitting with internal hemming that reduces any wear or tear. The abrasion resistant rubber sole is self-hardened and nicely designed with a wider base to offer extra stability.

You’re internal sweating while sporting (in case) will be dry cleaned by an anti-microbial internal lining that also reduces any friction.

The cushion lining along the ankle and heel section offers continuous comfort and further absorb shocks during impacts.

The upper section of Adidas Men’s Freak is made from DuPont Kevlar that adds extra strength (durable).

The outer sole is reinforced using a patented Kevlar framework that gives you extra traction and stability.

Adidas Men’s Freak is unique in shape and breathable.


  • Stylish and impressive - cross-training shoes for flat feet.
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Strong Kevlar framework for extra traction and stability
  • Comfortable – has cushion lining
  • Anti-microbial protection
  • Breathable and moisture removal lining


  • Slightly narrower – unsuitable for wider feet
  • Limited sizes and colors

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7. Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Pro Mid Football Cleats

If you are a fashion enthusiast, Nike Men’s Alpha is a stylish shoe that you will love for your football running backs.

Nike Men's Alpha Menace Pro Mid Football Cleats View on Amazon

This product is designed and engineered with appealing impressions that will boost your morale and confidence while playing.

The Flywire cables that connect shoelaces will secure your feet correctly without causing any pain or discomfort.

Nike Men’s Alpha is manufactured from a 100% synthetic material that is lightweight. The strongly knitted mesh and leather weaving have breathable holes to allow aeration when running backs.

You will enjoy extra comfort that is generated by internal 3/4-length Phylon foam cushioning too.  The heel part is slightly lifted using a Pebax propulsion plate that helps your spring easily while playing.

Nike Men’s Alpha has a centered ankle positioning liner that is connected with a breathable tongue and collar, which covers your feet for further protection.

The low profile EVA cleats allow comfortable movements and easier sharp cuts without falling or skidding. In addition, the strong multi-directional cleat framework will give you strong traction and extra stability.


  • Strong grip/traction and stability
  • Durable material and abrasion resistant
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Extra comfort – has internal foam cushioning
  • Breathable – no internal sweat accumulation
  • Low profile and 5-star rating


  • Slightly expensive
  • Limited colors and sizes

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Above I’ve outlined the top football cleats that’ll enable you, with running backs, to maintain good health and comfort. Don’t fail to check on the shoe size above all before placing your order! 

Key factors to consider in selecting the football cleats include shoe material, design, and style – remember to check other shoe brands too. 


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