7 Best Insoles for Overpronation Running 2021

Choosing the best insoles for overpronation running is necessary if you need to achieve the best running moments.

These particular products are specially designed and manufactured to eliminate strains and pain that may affect the fasciitis muscles and capsulitis ligaments along the arch region. Best Insoles for Overpronation Running

Before placing your order, consider features such as the heel density, padding lever, material used, degree of compressibility, arching design, compatibility with other shoes, and net weight of the inserts. Read Also: Insoles for Shoes that are Too Big.

Reviews: Top 7 Best Insoles for Overpronation Running 2021

1. Arch Support Shoe Orthotic Inserts for Women

The arch orthotic insert features double layer foam cushioning that is well compressed and hardened to generate excellent comfort when running.

Best Insoles for Overpronation Running View on Amazon

The unique contoured stability design that comes with this insole centers your foot nicely when in motion.

Besides, Arch Orthotic integrates a deep heel cradle, which is well cushioned to improve comfort and enhance therapeutic effect when running. The perfect blend foot control mechanism is firmly incorporated while the full-length arch support works effectively for mild-overpronation without much hassle.

Arch Orthotic is made in the USA, and CE approved for best arch-pain relief. The high-grade synthetic material used in the manufacture of this insole guarantees you unmatched comfort and extra mileage without replacement.

Indeed, this pair of insoles is compatible with other shoe arch profiles and fairly adds weight when running (lightweight). Further, the base pattern is reinforced with anti-slip grips that stick firmly on the shoe interiors without slipping when in motion.

NB: Arch Orthotic Inserts can be used to relieve Plantar Fasciitis and Morton’s Neuroma too.


  • Double layer foam cushioning and anti-microbial polyester top fabric
  • Deep heel cradle and full-length arch support
  • Unique contoured stability and mild-overpronation
  • Perfect blend foot control and Hypurcel foam
  • Works for Plantar Fasciitis and Morton’s Neuroma
  • Lightweight and compatible with various arch designs
  • The USA made/approved and high-grade synthetic sole.
  • Affordable and slip-resistant base properties


  • Only available in one color
  • Limited flexibility
  • Few sizes

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2. Superfeet GREEN Insoles

Superfeet is a comfortable pair of insoles that features the best quality synthetic material, which is well refined and hardened to bear heavyweight persons without flattening.

uperfeet GREEN Insoles View on Amazon

The hard-crafted design integrates a classic heel cap stabilizer that is strongly clipped for better damping experience when walking/running.

Indeed, you will enjoy a smooth arch drop experience since Superfeet comes with dual-density mid-arc compression that prevents back over-pronation when running. Moreover, the deep heel cup secures your heel excellently and self-aligns it in place when in motion.

Superfeet is a budget-friendly insert that features high-density foam cushioning (generates incredible comfort) and a fairy rough upper finish, which improves foot grip when running without sliding.  The wide toe area comes with extra extension width (for trimming option) and a soft fabric liner that is odor-free.

Furthermore, Superfeet assimilates a full-length footbed design that is well padded to enhance fasciitis message when running without instilling pain. Generally, this pair of inserts has a durable construction (over 500 miles) and professional-grade arch support that is adaptable to various shoe profiles.

NB: Superfeet is washable and comes with a beautiful green color.


  • High-density foam and handcrafted design
  • The best-quality synthetic material and full-length footbed support
  • Lightweight and dual-density sole compaction
  • Deep heel cup and a classic stabilizer cap
  • Rough upper finish (slip-resistant) and wider toe area
  • Slip-resistant bottom clip and soft footbed liner
  • Unisex (suitable for any gender) and Impressive Superfeet graphics
  • Professional grade arch support and beautiful colors – green
  • Durable construction and odor-treated


  • Comes in a single color
  • Lacks toe cup support
  • Toe area may be lower

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3. Comfortlast Insoles, Full-Length Shoe Inserts

Comfort last is a medium profile pair of insoles that features low friction polyester fabric top and comfortable soft face lining, which is durable/anti-microbial treated.

Comfortlast Insoles, Full-Length Shoe Inserts View on Amazon

The inserts utilize plush VCT variable cushioning technology, which guarantees you continuous therapeutic effects and unmatched foot massage when running without muscle strains.

Besides, Comfortlast is manufactured using a rigid synthetic sole (double layer) that is self-hardened and pressure tested to hold heavyweight individuals without buckling. Mild over-pronation is effectively accommodated, while heat conduction properties (reinforced) will keep your foot cool always.

Comfort last is incredibly designed and comes with a beautiful/appealing color that makes it stand out as compared to others. You will enjoy the Powerstep friction effect that comes with this insole – it reduces internal sliding when running.

The heel cup is designed with extra width/thickness for better shock absorption and foot orientation when running – prevents tipping when landing. In deep, this product works best for flat feet and fallen arches individuals.

Importantly, Comfortlast can aid in healing plantar fasciitis and ankle/knee pain.


  • Anti-microbial top cover and Low friction polyester fabric top
  • Tough synthetic sole and ultra-lightweight
  • Plush VCT Variable Cushioning Technology and affordable
  • Contoured arch design and shock absorption enable
  • Slow-recovery foam technology and firm fitting
  • USA made and heat absorbent material
  • Comfortable heel cup and mild over-pronation
  • Best for flat feet and fallen arches
  • Heals Plantar fasciitis and ankle/knee pain
  • Powerstep friction pad (slip-resistant surface finish)
  • Compatible design and classic tread patterns


  • Limited colors/sizes
  • May not work best for high arches persons.
  • High-overpronation may get incomplete relief

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4. Wernies Running Shoe Inserts for Men & Women

Wernies features a deep U-shaped heel section that centers your foot excellently when running without much hassle.

Wernies Running Shoe Inserts for Men Women View on Amazon

You can easily fit this pair of inserts to any shoes since it comes with wide-range trim options and flexible arch profile design.

The breathable upper finish is well padded and heat-treated to allow continuous cooling when running. More so, you’ll absolutely enjoy soft capsulitis therapy, which is attributed to gentle medical grade EVA cushion integration.

Wernies are manufactured with built-in massage technology and firm medial arch support that eliminates disorders associated with over-pronation. Indeed, these inserts work best for low to mild over-pronation without causing muscle pain when running.

The full-length profile design comes with a wider toe section that’s well cushioned to improve comfort. In addition, Wernies comes with beautiful colors (optional) and stunning graphics that look attractive and outstanding as compared to other inserts.

Notably, Wernies comes with an improved absorption panel and energized footbed that gives you a comfortable running moment.


  • Deep U-shaped heel section and breathable upper fabrics
  • Built-in massage technology and firm arch support
  • Lightweight material and affordable
  • Improved absorption panel and energized footbed
  • Slip-resistant top layer and medical-grade EVA foam base
  • Sturdy reinforcement and contoured profile design
  • Multiple selectable colors and dual-density sole compression
  • Orthotic performance and Full-length arch design
  • Unisex and continuous therapeutic effect


  • Slightly arched- not best for flat shoes.
  • Thickness could be better for heavy persons

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5. Physix Gear Full-Length Orthotic Inserts

Physics is a medium to high arches insert that features lightweight fabric material, which is easier to trim and fit as per your shoe size. The full-length arch profile is well padded and extended (sideways) to hold wide feet individuals nicely.

Physix Gear Full-Length Orthotic Inserts View on Amazon

Your mid or high over-pronation will be accommodated by these inserts effectively without straining the capsulitis or fasciitis muscles when running (comes with strong mid arch support). Further, the upper part is reinforced with soft, durable fabrics that are anti-microbial treated and odor-free.

Physix comes with a comfortable profile design and ultra-thin toe padding that aligns your toes nicely for better grip and ample flex when running. The heel section integrates deep cradle support that improves stability and enhances shock absorption when landing.

Besides, physics features a modern variable cushioning technology and durable EVA foam base that ensures continuous therapeutic foot massage and pain relief when running/walking. Further, this pair comes with a slip-resistant base pattern and versatile integration that hold perfection onto the shoe interiors without slipping.

Importantly, Physix can be used to relive Achilles Tendonitis & Iliotibial Band Syndrome effectively.


  • Full length and orthotic integration
  • Lightweight fabric material and budget-friendly
  • Better arch profile and deep heel cradle- stable
  • Anti-microbial fabrics and Impressive graphics imprints
  • Variable cushioning technology and durable EVA foam base
  • Comfortable Profile Design and Ultra-Thin
  • Unisex and good flex performance
  • Ergonomic non-slip design and versatile integration
  • Can relieve Achilles Tendonitis & Iliotibial Band Syndrome
  • Work best for high and mid-arches individuals


  • Manufactured in 2 colors only
  • The Toe area could be better padded.
  • Not for flat feet persons

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6. Pcssole’s 3/4 Orthotics Shoe Insoles

Pcssole is a high profile insole that features a tough, sturdy heel construction, which bears heavyweight women without collapsing.

Pcssole’s 3/4 Orthotics Shoe Insoles View on Amazon

The profile design extends ¾ way and integrates thick mid-arch reinforcement that will hold your foot excellently without straining the lateral muscles when running.

Stiff EVA foam material is self-hardened and pressure tested (for wear and tear) while the top finish is fined coated with a soft, comfortable fabric lining that won’t irritate your skin upon contact. Moreover, Pcssole integrated a comfortable ergonomic design (enhance muscle relaxation) and a deep U-shaped heel cup that holds your foot firmly when landing without tipping.

High-grade synthetic material is well refined and reinforced with heat absorbent material that dissipates any heat generated when running. Cases such as plantar fasciitis and plantar fibroma can easily be eliminated since the insole entails orthotic properties that allow smooth muscle relaxation when running/walking.

Pcssole is a lightweight pair of insoles that comes with attractive graphics and beautiful colors that will boost your self-esteem when running among other women. Indeed, these inserts come with a stick resistance base that holds firmly onto the shoe interior without sliding.

Notably, Pcssole is more comfortable to fit and will correct fallen foot conditions efficiently.


  • Comfortable high arch support and Improved over-pronation relief
  • ¾ length orthotic sole and Stiff EVA material
  • Sturdy heel support and Comfortable fallen foot correction
  • Ergonomic arc arch design and 3-point force support
  • Deep U heel cup and moderate to severe pain relief
  • Moderate stretch and elasticity of foot arch
  • Slip-resistant properties and ample mid-arch support
  • Dense heel cup and durable material
  • Comfortable running moment and easier to fit
  • Attractive PCS graphics and beautiful color


  • Unsuitable for men
  • Not full-length – toes not supported
  • Limited sizes and colors

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7. New Balance Insoles 3720 Arch Stability Insole Shoe

New Balance is a classic pair of insoles that features refined grade composite material, which is heat-treated and hardened to improve service life and bear heavyweight persons without collapsing.

New Balance Insoles 3720 Arch Stability Insole Shoe View on Amazon

Low to mid arch design that comes with these inserts accommodates flat feet and mid-arches persons effectively without causing muscle strains.

Indeed, New Balance is furnished with soft-top material that is microbial treated and odor-free – won’t cause skin irritation/allergy upon contact. Further, these inserts are designed with an extended toe area that offers provision for trimming (where need be) and room for toe play when running.

New balance integrates classic metatarsal pad and skid-resistant base treads that hold firmly onto the shoe interior without slipping when running. Besides, the anti-skid toe padding is engineered with moderate roughness that allows adequate grip and improved internal traction when running.

More so, this pair comes with rigid footbed foam cushioning that claims to deliver unmatched comfort/flexibility when running without causing muscle pain/strain. Importantly, New Balance comes with breathable poles and stunning graphics that will boost your self-confidence.


  • Deep heel cup and moderate arch support
  • Anti-skid toe padding and classic tread pattern
  • Durable composite material – synthetic
  • Tough injection mold sole and lightweight
  • Can be trimmed and easier to fit
  • Low to mid arch support and classic metatarsal pad
  • Thick mid-arch support and compressible foam layer
  • Orthotic approved and compatible with various shoes
  • Stunning graphics and improved flexibility
  • Breathable poles and rigid footbed cushioning


  • The padding level could be more
  • Comes with one color only
  • My run narrow for wide feet
  • Not for high arches

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Selecting the best insoles for overpronation running aids in reducing pain and strain that occur along the arch region when running/walking. 

In this regard, you will need to consider factors such as the net weight, the material used/durability, compatibility with other shoes, arch design, heel padding/density, and comfort.

Besides, go for a well-cushioned pair of insoles that’s within your budget-plan without sacrificing quality.

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