7 Best Insoles for Shoes that are Too Big 2020

Are you are struggling to get shoe that fits well? Maybe your regular shoe is now oversize and its wrecking your feet? Probably you bought a bigger shoe and you wonder what to do? Best Insoles for Shoes that are Too Big

Well, the best insole for large shoes is all you need – it’ll compensate the extra shoe space – just like with cheer shoes

In addition, it offers extreme comfort when you’re walking or running. So, let’s get started with the reviews!

Insoles: 7 Best Insoles for Shoes that are Too Big 2020

1. Samurai Insoles Instant Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet – Best Insole

Superfeet Green is the best-selling insole for the current market. Its excellent support resulting from rear heel anchor gives the user a continuous stability when in motion.

Superfeet Green will occupy a large volume of excess space of your big shoe. In addition, this insole comes with suitable allowance to trim-fit your shoe.

You will not need to add an extra bottom to fix your shoe, Superfeet Green is specially manufactured with cap stabilizer that raises the heel slightly.

The thick super foam material has a deep heel cup that gives a nice comfort to your feet without causing skin reactions. Further, the material acts as a natural shock absorber while walking or running.

The high-density super foam generates a continuous cushion and a wear resistance – it will provide a long-lasting service without deformation. With Superfeet Green, you will enjoy stylistic design and impression that boost your confidence in presence of others.

Trust the odor neutralizer technology of Superfeet Green to handle any bacterial problems that may arise in your shoe – the insole has anti-bacterial coating. Superfeet Green is a budget friendly product that you can’t let go!

Pros: Long-lasting – Durable, Has anti-Bacteria Coating, Comfortable & Stylish, Thick cushion layer, Vegan and latex free, Strong shock absorption, and Has trim allowance and odor control

Cons: Lacks padded Toe support and its Unsuitable for small size shoes 

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2. Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Insole

In case you are looking for a long-lasting, rigorous and anti-fatigue big shoe insole for your strenuous activities, Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Insole is the product to go for. This insole is carefully engineered with anti-fatigue technology through use of inverted foam appliance.

You will experience unbeatable comfort when using Timberland PRO due to its shock-absorbing technology and geometric cell manufacturing that feeds heat back to the breathers – thus cooling your feet.

Timberland PRO is stylistically designed to boost your confidence and stands out in the current market. The pentagonal treads at the base of the insole coalesce excellently with the shoe without sliding.

Notably, this product is a top quality wear made from abrasion resistant material. Moreover, the flexibility of Timberland PRO allows easier fitting into bigger shoe without straining.

The authentic waterproof product is manufactured under strong compaction and extra thickness to enable fill extra shoe space available. Also, this insole can fit in a variety of big shoes easily. Importantly, Timberland PRO can be use in all-weather without losing its quality.

The odor-controlled aspect of Timberland Pro will leave your feet fresh after use. Above all, this product is budget friendly.

Pros: Anti-fatigue & Heat absorbing, Flexible & Durable, Budget friendly & Stylish, Abrasion resistant & Waterproof, Top quality, Antimicrobial for odor control and Maximum foot support

Cons: No trim option left. 

3. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Unisex Orthotic Insole

If you have been battling with foot aches or itching toes, I recommend you get yourself a pair of Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Unisex Orthotic Insole. The thin-layered product will provide a super footrest support and extra comfort resulting from rear sink cup.

The semi-rigid product is specially manufacture to offer a full arch support without itch reactions. You will not experience internal sliding when in motion – in case your feet sweat often; the Powerstep Pinnacle has absorbent layer that collects and shelfs any internal wetness thus maintaining right internal friction.

The healthcare offered by Powerstep Pinnacle is unparalleled. The top anti-microbial fabric used during manufacture reduces heat generated, disinfects bacteria and leaves your foot blisters-free.

Powerstep Pinnacle is well engineered with a deep heel cradle to absorb strong impact when running without deformation. The thin layer of this insole makes it suitable for both athletics and casual shoes.

Powerstep Pinnacle will ensure your foot is healthy and doesn’t generate any odor after use. You will enjoy the elegant design of this product as it comes in an impression that will definitely boost your confident.

Moreover, Powerstep Pinnacle, has a high cushioning effect that results from top-layered Eva foam technology – this experience will give a universal absolute comfort always.

Pros: Deep cushion & Semi-rigid, Anti-microbial fabric, Blisters free & Sweat absorbent, Strong foot support, and Stylish and Deep Heel cradle

Cons: Slightly expensive 

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4. Sof Sole Insoles ATHLETE Performance Full Length Gel Shoe Insert

Effective performance in athletics comes though proper insole selection. You will appreciate the comfort that comes with Sof Sole Insoles ATHLETE Performance. The product is specially manufactured with breathability – any occurrence of sweating on your feet or heating is easily dissipated.

Sof Sole is relatively heavy and comes with a jelly pad that absorbs shocks and brake impacts while in motion.

The Hydrologic cushion that lines the Sof Sole ensure least abrasion on your feet while running or walking thus reducing any internal skidding/sliding.

The insole is has contoured arch that enables navigation or muscle stretch without straining the ankle or rear foot.

Actually, Sof Sole can fit any big shoe as it comes in allowable trim option. The gel pad and soft heel sink give ample landing support and continuous stability while in motion.

Sof Sole is an ideal insole or athletics and casual activities. You can use it while running, walking, training or longboarding.

This product is made of 100% implus strong impacted foam thus assuring user of durability. In addition, price of Sof Sole is budget friendly.

Pros: Breathable and durable, Anti-odor control, Strong support and suitable foot arching, Desirable comfort and excellent hydrologic cushioning, Blisters free and heat reduction, and Has trim-fit allowance. 

Cons: Not suitable for people with over pronation feet

5. Dr. Scholl’s ARCH Pain Relief Orthotics Support Inserts

For a better foot support and foot pain relief when walking or running, I recommend use of Dr. Scholl’s ARCH Pain Relief Orthotics. This product is designed with shock and guard technology to offer a continuous arch relief on your feet all day long.

Dr. Scholl’s is clinically proven and will reduce lower body pain on continuous use. The Insole is engineered to be used in both heavy and light duty.

You will enjoy unlimited comfort that is generated by Dr. Scholl’s while in motion. Its rear heel has slightly deep cup with cushion lining that act as shock absorber while running or breaking.

Dr. Scholl’s is strong enough to hold a maximum of 200 pounds without deformation. Actually, the insole comes with impact treads that grips effectively in the shoe without sliding.

The unisex insole is ideal for individuals who have arch pain, plantar fasciitis, heel pain or ankle pain – it aids in muscle therapy and arch stress relief.

Dr. Scholl’s can best fit in Work boots, Sneakers or Casual shoes. In addition, its price is budget friendly.

Pros: Unisex – used by any gender, Cushioned for comfort and shock absorber, Nice heel cup for strong support and stability, Clinically approved for pain relief, Highly durable & has Unique flexibility, and Heavy duty – can support 200 pounds max

Cons: No trimming option and Lacks toe padding area

6. Envelop Gel Insoles

Envelop Gel Insoles are the best insert for your light and heavy duties. They are designed specially to fit excellently well in both large and medium shoes. The ideal stylistic impressions offered by Envelop Gel Insoles will definitely boost your confidence while cleaning or replacing it while amongst people.

You will enjoy all day comfort of Envelop Gel Insoles due to its unique cushion lining that support your foot from all end.

Envelop Gel Insole is ergonomically designed with honeycomb inserts that will give you ample stability and shock absorption while in motion or breaking without sliding.

The versatile insole has the textured base that gives strong grip on your shoe. Moreover, the insole will allow easier arch movement without any strain.

The unisex product is highly flexible and lightweight – you will easily fix it into your shoe. The Trim-fit option that comes with Envelop Gel Insoles will enable you to shape it to design of your shoe.

The full length Envelop Gel Insoles will help ease plantar fasciitis pain, arch pain, heel pain as well relief fatigue. Importantly, Envelope gel is made from silicone gel material that retains its shape without flattening.

Pros: Strong and durable, Has trim option, Stylish and comfortable, Cushioned for shock absorption, Highly flexible & lightweight, Clinical approved and unisex, and Has massage gel lining

Cons: No toes padding area

7. Samurai Insoles Instant Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet

Could you be having a flat foot, painful ankle, training arch, painful heel or tied foot, then, Samurai Insoles Instant Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet is the right product for you. The insole is designed with a compressible option within the arch region to accommodate individual with flat feet.

Samurai Insoles unlike other insoles is lightweight. It has foam layer that offers a nice comfort when walking. In addition, the foam-padded layer provides a suitable pain relief option for plantar fasciitis patients.

With Samurai Insoles, orthotic medical conditions such as overpronation will be sorted. The Insole’s inner core is springy molded to give excellent comfort, support and continuous stability while in motion.

The Podiatrist designed insole is manufacture with cloud-cushioned support that helps eliminate any root arch problem that may arise.

The Samurai Insoles also guarantees durability as it’s manufactured from high quality material selected by highly trained and approved biomedical engineers.

The low prolife Samurai Insoles doesn’t require any trimming or stuffing (it’s self-fitting). Its centralized fitting design will ensure optimized foot functioning. Moreover, the product is simple and stylish

Pros: Simple and stylish- no trimming, Durable and wear resistant, Lightweight and orthotic approved, Odor controlled, Comfortable/strong support, Cushioned and spring molded, Budget friendly, and Can be used by flat feet people

Cons: Unsuitable for athletes 

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Selection of best insoles for shoes that are too big is crucial as it plays a great role in maintaining fitness of your feet.

Feet pain, heel pain, arch strain as well as overpronation problems can be solved by use of the proper insole among other factors.

It’s also advisable to consider the material used, design and other ergonomic factors as well as appearance before making any purchase. 


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