7 Best Non Cycling Shoes for Cycling in 2021

Picking the best non cycling shoes for cycling as an alternative to the regular cleat model shoes is an incredible move towards attaining comfortable off-road moments.  Best Non Cycling Shoes for Cycling

Unlike bold-cleat shoes, these products are designed with low arch profile, thick flexible outer sole and slip-resistant footbed to improve cycling performance.

Further, it’s necessary also to consider other essential features like heel cap comfort/design, toe box area, nature of insole, padding level, adjustability, type of closure, overall flexibility and durability/material used. Read Also: Football Cleats for Running Backs

Reviews: 7 Best Non Cycling Shoes for Cycling in 2021

1. Five Ten Adidas Men’s Sleuth Mountain Bike Shoe

Sleuth Adidas features a classic design and durable leather material that is highly refined to improve service life and reduce wear and tear occurrences.

Best Non Cycling Shoes for Cycling View on Amazon

This product comes with strongly stitched upper fabrics that are nicely ventilated to improve airflow meant for internal cooling and sweat removal.

The lightweight pair integrates thick, self-hardened outsole that allows smooth base arching without causing muscle pain and helps eliminate cases of plantar fasciitis. Further, the sole comes with a low arching profile that supports flat feet cyclist too.

Sleuth Adidas comes with comfortable tongue and padded collar that nicely aligns your foot when cycling for best agility. The tough dual density outer sole is extra thickened to bear sober weight individuals without deformation. The classic tread patterns come with strong grip inclination that improves traction and prevent pedal slip.

Moreover, this product is microbial treated and comes with classic metallic eyelets that allow easier lacing. Notably, Sleuth Adidas is durable and stylish.


  • The tough, flexible sole and deep tread patterns
  • Classic metallic eyelets and simple lace-up closure
  • Refined leather fabrics and Comfortable EVA midsole
  • Breathable upper membrane and dual-density outsole
  • Padded collar and finely adjustable tongue
  • Comfortable heel support and anti-slip toe grip
  • Durable and budget-friendly


  • Comes in limited colours
  • Few sizes and designs
  • Long dying time

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2. PEARL IZUMI Women’s X-Alp Divide Cycling Shoe

Pearl Izumi a stylish women’s cycling shoes that feature tough injection mould outer sole, which is extra hardened to support heavy cyclist without flattening.

PEARL IZUMI Women's X-Alp Divide Cycling Shoe View on Amazon

Indeed, the sole comes with dense tread patterns that offer incredible pedal grip and aggressive traction when cycling without skidding.

This product entails sturdy construction and lightweight material that is easier to clean/waterproof. The low profile pair of shoes is microbial treated and odour free – won’t generate internal sweats. Moreover, this pair is fitted with a full-length nylon plate and reinforced toecap that gives you ample protection against knocks and impacts.

Pearl Izumi comes with beautiful black colour and impressive pearl graphics that will boost your self-confidence when cycling, among others. The Upper face is perforated with fine breathable poles that aerate interior while the rigid heel support comes with a stabilizer that effectively absorbs impacts and shocks without causing ankle pain.

Further, this product integrates comfortable internal cushioning and soft inner lining that won’t cause skin irritation upon contact. Importantly, Pearl Izumi is budget-friendly and comes with abrasion tested upper.


  • Super classic design and simple strap closure
  • Sturdy construction and dense moulded outer sole
  • Impressive black colour and classic pearl graphics
  • Microbial treated and odour free
  • Lightweight material and abrasion tested upper.
  • Fine breathable poles and deep tread pattern
  • Full length nylon plate and reinforced toe cap
  • Seamless upper design and aggressive traction
  • Cushioned interior and soft lining


  • Comes in few colors and sizes
  • Unsuitable for wide feet individuals
  • Not for high arches cyclist

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3. Five Ten Men’s Freerider Contact Approach Shoes

Freerider is modern class footwear that features thick compressible midsole, which allows comfortable foot arching when riding without many strains.

Five Ten Men's Freerider Contact Approach Shoes View on Amazon

The washable insole is slip-resistant and comes with classic toecap that improves internal grip/traction.

Indeed, this product is specially constructed using wear-tested textile/synthetic upper that guarantees extra mileage/service life. The beautiful colours and impressive graphics that comes with this pair definitely will make your stand out among other cyclists.

Freerider integrates a comfortable cushioned interior that is microbial treated and highly ventilated for better internal cooling when cycling. Moreover, the shoes come with a soft lining that is odour-free and won’t cause skin allergy upon contact.

The classic tongue and padded collars comfortably centre your foot for best cycle thrust while the rigid heel cap is thickened to bear landing shocks without straining. Further, the stunning overlays and simple lace fastening mechanism gives you a firm closure without over-pressing.

NB: Freerider comes with a smooth finish that is stick-free and easier to clean.


  • Severe wear-tested upper fabrics and incredible cycling design.
  • Classic treads and Balanced foot bed support
  • Strongly stitched upper fabrics and lightweight
  • Beautiful graphics and appealing optional colors
  • Synthetic lining and textile upper material and rubber sole
  • Comfortable regular fit and Classic overlays
  • Comfortable/breathable tongue and lace closure
  • Breathable upper toe area and padded toe section
  • Compressible midsole and Durable


  • Not for high arch cyclist
  • My be slightly pricey
  • Unsuitable for kids/women

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4. Terra Clima X2 Cycling shoes

Terra Clima is a low profile pair that features tough waterproof upper membrane, which is both washable and stick-resistant. This footwear integrates classic knit gaiter and impressive ankle ripstop that nicely align your foot for best thrust when cycling.

Terra Clima X2 Cycling shoes View on Amazon

The Vibram Megagrip rubber treads are nicely moulded and inclined for strong pedal grip when cycling without sliding. Further, these shoes come with a sturdy outsole that is reinforced with a tough shaft that prevents deformation and shape loss with use.

Terra Clima is a lightweight pair of shoes that comes with a single Velcro strap and dense heel support that bears high impacts (when landing) without flattening. Moreover, this product featured a comfortable PU-laminated toecap and compressed EVA midsole, which allows smooth muscle flexibility when cycling without straining.

The stylish footwear comes with BOA-controlled adjustments and breathable upper material that perfectly aerate interior. Notably, Terra Clima easier to clean and comes with classic fizix graphics.


  • Tough washable and waterproof upper
  • Improved breathability and lightweight
  • Tough integrated knit gaiter and low profile
  • Sturdy outsole (flexible) and Vibram Megagrip rubber tread
  • Single Velcro strap closure and Ripstop fabric
  • Dual/dense sole and deep injected treads
  • Comfortable ankle rip weave and incredible design
  • PU-laminated toecap and compressed EVA midsole
  • BOA-controlled adjustment and comfortable heel support


  • Lacks adjustable tongue
  • Limited colours/sizes
  • Low arched – not for high arches

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5. Nike Men’s Metcon 2 Cycling Shoes

Nike Metcon 2 is ultra-lightweight footwear that features a classic outlook appearance and beautiful black colour, which will build your self-esteem when cycling among other persons.

Nike Men's Metcon 2 Cycling Shoes View on Amazon

This product comes with sturdy flywire cables (keeps it stiff) and wears resistant embroidered fabrics that give you extra service life.

The air-cushioned heel pad is nicely designed and thickened to absorb shocks effectively. At the same time, the upper, synthetic material is finely knitted to allows maximum airflow (for sweat elimination and internal cooling) when cycling. Moreover, this pair of shoes comes with a classic collar and breathable tongue that centres your foot entirely without over-pressing.

The low profile footbed is compressed and softened to improve comfort while the comfortable inner cushioning is anti-microbial treated to eliminate odour. Further, Nike Metcon is fitted with removable inserts that are washable and replaceable at ease.

You will actually enjoy extended base stability that comes with this footwear and continuous inner comfort generated by soft soak liners. Notably, Nike Metcon comes with classic Nike graphics and woven eyelets.


  • Strong footbed Support and Improved flexibility
  • Sturdy flywire cable and firmly knitted synthetic upper material
  • High-wear resistant embroidered fabrics and lightweight
  • Air-cushioned heel cap and wide toe area
  • Aerate upper mesh network and cushioned sidewalls
  • Comfortable insert (removable) and classic collar
  • Extended base (high stability) and stunning Nike logo
  • Woven eyelets and adjustable/breathable tongue
  • Soft inner lining and sturdy shaft


  • Few colors/sizes
  • May take longer to dry

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6. Giro Riddance W Women’s Downhill Cycling Shoe

Giro Riddance features a tough and smooth upper microfiber that is waterproof and abrasion-resistant. The inner compartment is reinforced with enhanced fine-grain cushioning that absorbs internal shocks effectively and won’t cause skin irritation.

Giro Riddance W Womens Downhill Cycling Shoe View on Amazon

Indeed, this pair of shoes comes with full-length EVA midsole that is optimized for excellent footbed support when cycling. Moreover, these shoes are fitted with anti-microbial treated (frees odour) and strain tested material that’s durable and scratch-resistant.

The budget-friendly footwear features a breathable upper membrane (for internal aeration) and low arching design that supports flat feet individuals correctly. Besides, this pair of shoes is designed with comfortable rock print toe support that will give you a firm internal grip without sliding.

Giro Riddance is a stylish pair that integrates thick flexible outsole, which virtually bears extra weight cyclists without flattening. More so, this product comes with heel vibration damper that aid in shock absorption.

NB: Giro Riddance is lightweight (weigh 400g) and comes with the removable inner sole.


  • Classic face design and matched lace-up colours
  • Cushioned tongue and fine poles upper ventilation
  • Water-resistant and smooth upper microfiber
  • Breathable membrane and flat base foot support
  • Medium profile arch support and soft inner cushioning
  • Anti-microbial treated and strain tested material.
  • Rock print toe support and Dense outer sole
  • Removable inserts and more comfortable to clean –wipe to dry
  • Strong fabric stitching and light in weight – 400g
  • Full-length optimized EVA midsole and vibration heel damper
  • Enhanced Durability and appealing color


  • Comes with few selectable colours
  • Low footbed (not for high arch person)
  • Not for kids

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7. Under Armour Men’s Kilchis Sneaker

Under Armour is a world-class men’s cycling shoes that feature a classic design and unique optional colours, which will not only attract you but also boost your confidence when cycling amid others.

Under Armour Men's Kilchis Sneaker View on Amazon

The J- Step non-marking rubber outsole is self-hardened to bear heavy weight persons without deformation while the classic treads are inclined to best grip and improved traction.

Moreover, Under Armour comes with highly breathable upper mesh that is finely knitted for optimal airflow needed for internal cooling and elimination of sweat that may be generated. Further, this product comes with a contoured footbed and improved flexibility, which allows smooth arching when riding without causing fasciitis pain.

Under Armour integrates low base shaft (for extra support) and welded synthetic overlays that generate incredible comfort when cycling. Indeed, this pair comes with cushioned ankle support and padded toe area that gives firm internal grip.

Under Armour is a lightweight pair of shoes that comes with classic bungee lacing and strain-tested material for wear and tear.


  • Tough refined textile mesh and strong woven network
  • Highly breathable fabrics and the low base shaft
  • The thick heel pad and classic bungee lacing
  • Welded synthetic overlays and impressive colours
  • J-Step non-marking rubber outsole and lightweight
  • Contoured footbed/midsole and improved overall flexibility
  • Cushioned ankle section and padded tongue
  • Beautiful selectable colors and classic side graphics


  • Not collar padding
  • Comes with non-removable insole
  • May run narrow in the toe area

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8. Giro Trans BOA Men’s Road Cycling Shoes

Giro Boa is a cleat model footwear that features high-quality upper material, which is wear-tested and stick-resistant. This product comes with a strongly knitted lace system and tough, polished fabric that is easier to clean and waterproof.

Giro Trans BOA Men's Road Cycling Shoes View on Amazon

The breathable microfiber is finely stitched and spaced to improve air circulation required for internal cooling when cycling. Moreover, this footwear comes with reliable Easton EC70 carbon composite outsole that is durable and relatively flexible.

Giro Boa comes with simple offset low strap and adjustable single lace fastener that holds your foot entirely behind a breathable tongue without over-pressing. Indeed, this pair of shoes comes with simple Boa L6 closure dial and a classic design that makes it outstanding.

Also, Giro Boa features 3-bolt sturdy cleats that are replaceable and compatible with other cleat models. The D-ring heel support (replaceable) is nicely padded and thickened to improve shock absorption when landing while the moulded EVA foam midsole is softened give smooth footbed support when cycling.

Notably, Giro Boa is durable and comes with cushioned collar.


  • Breathable microfibers and incredible arch performance
  • Classic outlook design and simple Boa L6 closure dial
  • Easton EC70 carbon composite outsole and simple offset low strap
  • D-ring heel support and molded EVA foam foot bed
  • Replaceable heel pads and impressive colors –selectable
  • Highly stable and sturdy 3-bolt cleats –compatible
  • Adjustable lace-up and cushioned collar
  • Durable and easier to clean


  • Manufactured in few colors
  • Slightly high cleats – not non cycling
  • Unsuitable for wide feet/high arches

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Choosing best non cycling shoes for cycling is crucial step in achieving comfortable riding moments. Importantly, consider purchasing a pair of shoes that won’t weigh you down financially.

Though most cyclists prefer cleat model shoes, the above products are specially designed and manufactured with comfortable footbed, thick outer sole, durable material, improved inner cushioning, balanced midsole, high stability and sturdy heel support that work best for cycling activities too.

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