7 Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia 2021 Reviewed

If you are looking for the best running shoes for metatarsalgia, then this article is meant for you – also known as best running shoes for ball of foot pain. Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia

Comfortable shoes that help alleviate the occurrence of metatarsalgia conditions should have features such as rocker base design, flexible sole, excellent cushioning, improved traction level.

Check for soft toe padding, excellent toe breathability, lightweight, and soft soak liners. It’s essential to consider a pair of shoes that come with a low heel to toe arching, impressive outlook, and budget-friendly too. Read Also: Barefoot Running Shoes. 

Reviews: 7 Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia 2021 

1. Saucony Women’s Kinvara 7 Running Shoe

Saucony Kinvara is low profile women running shoes that feature 100% synthetic material, which is stitched and firmly interwoven to improve service life without sacrificing quality.

Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia View on Amazon

This pair of shoes integrate a tough dual-density rubber sole that comes with improved flexibility to allow smooth foot arching without provoking muscle strain.

The lightweight footwear comes with an extended heel padding section that supports strong impacts absorption when landing while the deep treads are inclined to achieve secure ground grip and improve traction. Indeed, Saucony is manufactured with a 4 mm heel-to-toe offset that works best for low arch as well as flat feet persons too.

Saucony comes with EVERUN midsole cushioning that supports the footbed correctly without causing heel pain. The wide toe area is nicely padded (for firm internal grip), while the upper mesh is finely spaced to optimize airflow necessary for internal cooling when running.

Also, Saucony is a trademark shoe that integrates a flex film upper that allows seamless foot motion when running without causing Tarsal stress. Further, this product comes with impressive design and appealing color that makes it stand out among other shoes when running.

NB: Saucony is budget-friendly and comes with a removable insole.


  • Low profile design and impressive graphics
  • Full padded toe section and EVERUN midsole cushioning.
  • Removable/washable insole and deep treads – firm grip
  • 100% sturdy synthetic material and lightweight
  • Robust/flexible rubber sole and flex film upper face
  • Lace closure and breathable upper mesh/lining
  • Budget-friendly and 4 mm heel-to-toe offset


  • Not best for high arches individuals
  • Comes in limited sizes – not for kids
  • May run narrow for wide feet

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2. Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit Unisex

Nike Vaporfly is an ultra-modern pair of shoes that features impressive outlook designs and attractive selectable colors, which will boost your esteem/confidence when running amidst other athletes.

Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit Unisex View on Amazon

This product comes with a simple lace fastening mechanism and soft cushioned tongue that aligns your foot centrally without over pressing.

Nike Vaporfly comes with fly knit upper construction that is firmly stitched to improve service life. The breathable soft upper mesh is infinitely spaced to allow maximum airflow when running. At the same time, the surface fabric liner is perfectly integrated to eliminate dirt and mud stains that may result when running in an asphalt environment.

Besides, this pair of shoes features a sturdy, flexible outsole that is thickened to bear heavy weight without flattening. Indeed, this footwear comes with a low heel-to-toe shaft that best suite flat feet persons too.

Nike Vaporfly is unisex (can be won by any gender) and integrates comfortable inner cushioning that won’t cause skin irritation upon contact. Importantly, this product is lightweight and durable


  • Classic outlook design and low foot to toe shaft
  • Sturdy thickened outsole (flexible) and removable inserts
  • Lightweight and fine breathable upper mesh
  • Comfortable internal cushioning and soft collar
  • Incredible tongue and simple lace-up fastener
  • Comfortable heel padding and robust flyknit construction
  • Full-length carbon fiber plate and beautiful colors
  • Unisex (for any gender) and scratch resistant


  • Maybe slightly expensive
  • Comes in limited sizes

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3. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe

New balance is lightweight men’s running shoes that feature a thick fresh foam midsole and flexible footbed, which allows smooth foot arching (when running) without muscle strain.

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe View on Amazon

The upper mesh comes with finely spaced breathable pores that improve airflow needed for internal cooling when running.

This pair of shoes integrate high quality hypoknit upper fabric material, which is durable and abrasion-resistant. Moreover, the thick rubber outer sole that comes with this footwear is sturdy and thickened to accommodate heavyweight persons without flattening.

New Balance features a classic data-driven design and multiple selectable colors that are highly attractive. Also, this footwear comes with a removable insole and firmly stitched soak liners that eliminate excess sweat that may occur.

The lightweight pair of shoes comes with an inbuilt base stabilizer and best quality synthetic material (50%) that guarantees you extra mileage without wear or tear. Notably, New Balance Men’s is abrasion-resistant and Affordable.


  • Severe abrasion-resistant synthetic material
  • Flexible rubber base sole and Fresh foam midsole
  • Impressive design and soft soak liners
  • Removable inserts and more comfortable to clean fabrics
  • Padded heel support and beautiful selectable colors
  • Sturdy footbed and simple lace-up
  • Cushioned interiors (allergy-free) and comfortable overlays
  • Hypoknit upper and improved ventilations


  • Slightly high aches – not best for flat feet persons
  • Unsuitable for kids – limited size

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4. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 20 Running Shoe

Brooks Adrenaline is an impressive women’s shoes that feature the best quality fabric material, which is durable and easier to clean (comes with a wipe to dry option).

Brooks Womens Adrenaline GTS 20 Running Shoe View on Amazon

This footwear comes with a self-hardened rubber outer sole (bear extra weight without deformation) and thick heel stuffing that absorbs landing shocks effectively when running without ankle pain.

Indeed, this set of shoes are specially designed and manufactured using a 3D fit print upper mesh that is highly breathable and scratch-resistant. The balance DNA crash pad nicely aligns with toe padding support while the internal soak liners are perfectly stitched to improve interior comfort without causing skin irritation.

Moreover, Brooks Women’s features modernized streamlined design (best for smooth field events) and striking multiple colors that give optional selection according to your taste. The triple layer outsole comes with strong shaft support and deep treads that improves ground grip and traction generated.

Brooks is a lightweight pair of shoes that comes with comfortable cushioning and a classic collar that aligns your feet centrally, leaving ample foot play area.

NB: Brooks Womens Adrenaline is stylish and attractive. Check best running shoes for ball of foot pain. 


  • Soft internal soak liners and lightweight material
  • Best quality synthetic fabrics and finite breathable poles
  • Budget-friendly and impressive multiple colors
  • Thick rubber sole and Deep treads (great traction and grip)
  • Tough heel padding and 3D fit print – awesome streamlining
  • Comfortable inner cushioning and central aligning collar
  • Triple later sole and thick flexible midsole


  • Foot arch could be high – not best for flat feet people.
  • Not best for kids and wide feet

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5. Hoka 1099629-FGS Seaport Gaviota 2 Running Shoe

Hoka is a world-class men’s footwear that features incredible design and modest internal cushioning, which generates perfect foot comfort when running without causing any skin reaction due to contact.

Hoka 1099629-FGSR: Men's Gaviota 2 Seaport Running Shoe View on Amazon

This pair of shoes comes with high-quality fabric materials that are excellently interwoven and strongly stitched to improve durability – reduces wear due to trains and abrasion when running. Besides, Hoka is fitted with a tough footbed shaft that maintains its design without losing shape with time.

Hoka comes with a dual-density outer sole that is super-hardened to yield burdensome weight individuals without flattening or deformation. Indeed, these sports shoes come with open-engineered upper mesh that optimizes breathability and metatarsal flexibility when running.

The lightweight footwear integrates arch-Lock wings that correctly supply the mid-foot with excellent motion support without muscle strain. Also, Hoka comes with a padded collar/tongue and breathable surface lining that is both dust and stick-resistant.

More so, this pair of shoes features a late-stage meta-rocker (improves base stability) and ortholite foam midsole that is removable and washable. Importantly, Hoka is stylish and comes with a simple lace-up closure mechanism.


  • Stylish and Ortholite foam midsole –removable
  • Simple lace closure and late-stage meta rocker –improves stability.
  • Padded color/tongue and classic arch-Lock wings
  • High-quality interwoven material and soft soak bed
  • Padded toe section and breathable surface lining
  • Dual-density outer sole and deep tread impression – secure grip
  • Incredible design and lightweight


  • Quite expensive as compared to other
  • Not best for significant feet persons – may run small.
  • Has slight arching

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6. ALTRA Men’s ALM1848G Paradigm 4 Road Running Shoe

Altra Men’s features super quality hybrid fabric material that is strongly knitted and finely finished to improve performance and durability. This pair comes with abrasion-resistant coating, which is both dirt and stick free.

ALTRA Men's ALM1848G Paradigm 4 Road Running Shoe View on Amazon

Moreover, Altra men integrate stabilized support technology that improves footbed stability and eliminates the occurrence of metatarsalgia conditions. The low profile pair of shoes are manufactured with lightweight material (won’t weigh you down) and comes with Altra EGO Midsole that is extra thickened to yield heavy persons perfectly.

Altra Men’s is orthotic footwear, which comes with 30mm stack height and comfortable inner cushioning that won’t irritate your skin in case of contact. The soft soak liner is nicely stitched in pace and absorbs sweat tracing effectively without generating any odor.

Furthermore, Altra Men’s is fitted with a thick rubber sole (flexible) and comes with large foot volume that nicely stretches to accommodate your foot size without over pressing. Indeed, this pair of shoes comes with a comfortable cushioned collar and classic overlays that aligns your foot centrally for best running motion.

Importantly, Altra Men’s featured zero drop platform and integrates modern footpod technology during manufacture.


  • Super quality hybrid material and lightweight
  • Affordable and impressive color/graphics
  • Low profile/arching – best for flat feet too
  • Orthotic design and 30mm stack height
  • Thick rubber outer sole and removable insole
  • Classic Altra EGO Midsole and abrasion resistant lining
  • Comfortable inner lining and stabiliPod support technology
  • Cushioned collar and classic overlays
  • Zero drop platform and footpod technology


  • Unsuitable for high arch persons – low profile
  • Comes in limited colors/sizes
  • Not for wide feet persons

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Selecting best running shoes for metatarsalgia is crucial in eliminating occurrences of such painful conditions.

You will, therefore, need to consider a pair of shoes with features such as lightweight material, comfortable cushioning, impressive outlook design, low box toe area, flexible footbed, padded heel, and high ventilation mechanisms.

Notably, it’s advisable to choose those shoes which are within your budget plan without sacrificing quality.

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