7 Best Shoes for CNA in 2021 Reviewed

If you’re a certified nursing assistant, then having the best shoes for CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is vital in achieving excellent walking comfort when in the workplace. 

Such shoes should have a comfortable footbed, skid-resistant outsole, low heels, better grip, improved cushioning, balanced stability, lightweight, and excellent flexibility. Best Shoes for CNA

Avoid purchasing high-heeled shoes and shoes without treads as they are highly prone to accidents/injuries in hospitals/health centers.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing shoes for CNA in depth. Let’s get started. Read Also: Tennis Shoes for Nurses with Plantar Fasciitis. 

Top 7 Best Shoes for CNA in 2021 Reviewed

1. SoftWalk Women’s Meredith Clog with Leather upper

SoftWalk is classic footwear that features incredible design and impressive color matching, which boosts your self-esteem when working among other nurses.

Best Shoes for CNA View on Amazon

This pair is manufactured with a low arch profile that comes with an extended base to improve stability when walking.

The flat heel profile auger perfectly with flat feet individuals without causing footbed stains while the upper face is streamlined with a stunning waterproof material that’s stick-resistant too. Moreover, SoftWalk comes with a comfortable dual-density mid-sole that gives a classic foot massage when walking.

Indeed, this CNA shoes feature high-quality refined leather material that is anti-microbial treated to improve service life and eliminate any odor. Further, SoftWalk has a flexible, slip-resistant rubber sole and allows smooth arching without slipping on wet floors.

The lightweight pair of shoes is strain tested for wear and tears and comes with removable EVA inserts that are easier to clean and replace.


  • Low arch foot best and impressive outlook appearance
  • Durable slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Dual-density midsole and comfortable inserts
  • A flexible outsole and comfortable inner lining
  • Lightweight and improved stability
  • Water proof upper face and multiple color options


  • Not for men and wide feet people
  • Unsuitable for high arch persons
  • No lace closure/fastener

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2. Nurse Mates Women’s Velocity Medical Professional Shoe

Nurse Mates is an orthotic women’s shoes that feature full-grain leather material, which is highly refined to improve service life and reduce wear/tear. The upper face is finished with printed polyurethane lining that is both waterproof and abrasion-resistant.

Nurse Mates Women's Velocity Medical Professional Shoe View on Amazon

This pair of shoes integrate a lightweight EVA foam that’s compressible and gives smooth foot support when walking. Besides, Nurse Mate comes with beautiful colors (many options) and modern imprinted graphics that will look attractive and boost your self-confidence when working among other professionals.

Nurse Mates comes with an adjustable lace closure that secures your foot nicely behind a comfortable tongue without over-pressing. The padded collar nicely centers your foot while the soft inner cushioning generates unparalleled walking comfort without causing skin reaction on contact.

Moreover, this footwear is designed with a classic heel base composite stabilizer that absorbs shocks and impacts when landing without muscle pain. Further, Nurse Mates is odor treated and comes with a padded toe area and a breathable upper face.


  • Budget-friendly and lightweight
  • Tough composite shaft stabilizer
  • Incredible design and breathable upper
  • Adjustable lace closure and durable outer sole
  • Full-grain refined leather and impressive graphics
  • Waterproof lining and flexible outer sole
  • Padded collar/toe area and odor-free
  • Comfortable inner cushioning and EVA mid-sole


  • May run narrow for wide feet.
  • Comes in few colors

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3. Sanita Women’s Professional Oil Closed Leather Clog

Sanita is a durable CNA working shoe that features the best quality synthetic outer sole, which is self-hardened to bear extra weight without deformation.

Sanita Women's Professional Oil Closed Leather Clog View on Amazon

The product is manufactured using high-grade leather material, which is finely treated to eliminate odor and improve durability.

Poland’s footwear is structured with a firm bed shaft (prevents disorientation) and impressive face design that makes it more appealing. Indeed, this pair of shoes comes with a hand-crafted upper face that is waterproof and dirt resistant.

The outer sole is imprinted with deep inclined treads that improve traction and generate firm ground grip without sliding when walking is slippery floors. Further, Sanita is lightweight footwear that integrates a comfortable midsole and wide toe box, which allows ample airflows when walking.

Importantly, Sanita is firmly knitted (lining) and affordable.


  • A comfortable footbed and lightweight
  • Fine-grain leather material and healthy knit lining.
  • Perfect fitting foot box and wide toe box
  • Waterproof upper and rigid synthetic outer sole
  • Budget-friendly and slip-resistant
  • Excellent traction and improved grip
  • Simple to clean and fast drying
  • Removable insole and dense heel support


  • Slightly high heel –not for flat feet CNA
  • Comes in limited sizes/colors –only two colors
  • No lace-up fastener

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4. Women’s Comfortable Working Nurse Shoes

Women’s Fashion is a lightweight pair of shoes that features tough, strongly knitted fabric material, which is abrasion tested for tear/wear.

Women's Comfortable Working Nurse Shoes View on Amazon

The upper mesh is finely spaced to allow maximum aeration for internal cooling and sweat removal when walking.

The low profile pair of shoes integrates a strong base shaft that supports heavy weight CNA without deformation. Moreover, the pair is constructed with an extra thick outer sole that is both durable and flexible (for smooth foot arching).

Women’s Fashion features slip-resistant properties and excellent treads that improves traction when in motion. Further, the sidewalls are reinforced with a soft lining that won’t cause skin irritation or generate odor with use.

The ergonomic design that comes with this product entails adjustable strap closure and classic base stability that centrally aligns your foot when walking. Notably, this pair of shoes helps relieve occurrences of plantar fasciitis and can be used by persons who have diabetes and arthritis too.


  • Finely knitted upper mesh and tough outsole
  • Improved aeration and odor-free
  • Slip-resistant base and highly stable
  • Low footbed arching –best for flat feet too
  • Durable and adjustable strap closure
  • Impressive outlook and lightweight material
  • Beautiful colors (optional selection) and orthotic model
  • Great traction and budget-friendly


  • Smaller for wide feet – a few sizes
  • Not for high arches individuals

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5. Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Oxford

Dove Oxford is a modern CNA pair of shoes that features a classic design and beautiful color impressions, which will stand out when working, among others. This product is manufactured using tough leather material (durable) that is finely stitched and polished.

Nurse Mates Women's Dove Oxford View on Amazon

The upper face is perfectly finished with a waterproof lining that is both scratch-resistant dirt free. Besides, this pair of shoes comes with a comfortable EVA foam midsole that is compressible and offers smooth footbed comfort when walking.

Dove Oxford comes with a breathable side panel (stretchable) that ventilates the interiors, thus leaving cool working moments. Furthermore, this footwear integrates a steel shank (extra weight support) and a durable EVA outsole that is skid resistant.

The removable/washable inserts are nicely fitted and come with anti-slip properties that support firm internal grip when walking. Indeed, Dove Oxford has a polyurethane outer shell that is fast drying and easier to clean (wipe to dry option).

NB: Dove Oxford is strain tested and comes with a padded collar.


  • Classic appearance and beautiful colors
  • Best quality leather material –durable
  • Tough EVA outsole and soft compressible mid-sole
  • Breathable side panel and waterproof upper
  • Dirt-resistant face and slip-resistant inserts –washable
  • Low arch profile and smooth final finish
  • The strong steel shank and lightweight material
  • Affordable and large toe section


  • Limited color options
  • Few available sizes

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6. Sandgrens Swedish Hand-made Rio Grande Wooden-Clog Sandal

Sandgrens is handmade woman footwear that features a rigid wooden base, which augers effectively with dry floors without creating unnecessary noise when walking.

Sandgrens Swedish Handmade Wooden Clog Sandal | Rio Grande View on Amazon

The upper straps are manufactured with vegetable-tanned leather material that improves contact tenderness and strong wear resistance.

This product comes with relative high-heels (best for high arches CNA) and ample base stability that enables comfortable walking without tipping. The dual-density outer sole is extra hardened and thickened to improve durability and tear strains.

Moreover, Sandgrens comes with a classic toe strap design that aligns the metatarsals in best walking posture without over pressing. Indeed, this pair is designed with an incredible toes base cap that secures the grip energy without causing muscle strains.

Sandgrens features a simple side buckle (locks near the ankle), which is both adjustable to your foot comfort point and more comfortable to fit. Notably, this footwear is lightweight and skid-resistant.


  • Skid-resistant and lightweight material
  • Adjustable side strap and classic toe cup
  • Dual-density wooden outer sole- minimal noise
  • A comfortable footbed and simple to clean
  • Vegetable-tanned leather material and durable
  • Improved base stability and excellent aeration – open sandal
  • Simple side buckle and wear-tested fabrics.
  • Beautiful selectable colors


  • Maybe slightly expensive as compared to others
  • High-heels – not for low arches
  • Feet may feel cold – open sandal model

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7. Brooks Ghost 12 – Lightweight for Neutral Runners

Brooks Ghost is a sports model CNA shoes that features strongly knitted material, which is finely spaced to improve ventilation and maximize internal cooling when walking.

Brooks Ghost 12 View on Amazon

This product entails a durable rubber outsole that enables smooth footbed arching without instilling muscle strain/discomfort.

The lightweight pair of shoes integrate slip-resistant sole, which supports a firm ground grip when walking in wet/slippery floors. Moreover, this pair of shoes is fitted with a padded collar and comfortable tongue, which centrally positions the foot when in motion.

Brooks Ghost comes with refined inner liners (no skin irritation) and comfortable internal cushioning that is anti-microbial treated and odor-free. Moreover, this pair of shoe features and classic outlook design and beautiful multiple colors (selectable) that will not only improve your self-esteem but also make your stand out among other CNA works.

More so, the shoe comes with air-cushioned heel support that perfectly absorbs shocks without flattening. The Synthetic upper mesh is firmly stitched while the mid-sole comes with energized cushioning that gives your extra comfort.


  • Classic outlook design and beautiful optional colors
  • Adjustable lace-up and tough, flexible sole
  • Slip-resistant base and removable outsole
  • Breathable upper material and comfortable lining
  • Anti-microbial treated cushioning and lightweight.
  • Air-cushioned heel support and padded toe area


  • May take longer to dry.
  • Relatively expensive
  • Look sporty for health centers.
  • Not for wide feet

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8. FLORIS Back Nursing Nurse Shoes for Women

Fuloris is ultra-modern pair of shoes that features a classic model design, which centers your feet comfortable when walking.

FULORIS Back Nursing Nurse Shoes for Women View on Amazon

This pair of shoes integrate anti-slip base properties, which allows smooth walking in slippery floors without skidding.

You’ll love the impressive outlook that comes with Fuloris and the wide toe area that support firm internal grip without sliding. Moreover, this pair is manufactured with rigid EVA material that is both waterproof and scratch-resistant.

The lightweight pair of shoes integrate rigid self-hardened material and incredible heal support that absorbs impacts without deformation. Besides, Fuloris comes with comfortable footbed support and soft surface finish that is stick-resistant.

Further, this footwear comes with shallow mouth design and nice tread patterns that improves traction and grip when walking. Notably, Fuloris is budget-friendly and simple to clean – comes with wipe to dry option.


  • Lightweight and simple to clean- wipe to dry
  • Tough EVA material – self-hardened and soften
  • Classic design and impressive color
  • Slip-resistance properties and great traction
  • Budget-friendly and waterproof
  • Wide toe section and shallow mouth design


  • No lace closure
  • May not be that durable
  • Comes in few sizes/colors

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Best shoes for CNA guarantees you comfortable working moments without cases of ankle strain or fasciitis muscle pain. More so, purchase a pair of shoes that are budget-friendly without sacrificing quality. 

When choosing your shoes, consider features such as low heels, waterproof, slip-resistance, lightweight, improved flexibility, comfortable inserts, and excellent internal cushioning. 

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