7 Best Shoes for HIIT Training 2023 Reviewed

Best Shoes for HIIT Training

HIIT will enhance your endurance and metabolism. Luckily, for HIIT, you won’t require complex equipment.

But, you’ll need shoes with enough lateral support (but be fairly minimal) for the rough HIIT movements.

These shoes will allow HIIT motions (for resistance + cardiovascular exercises) – up, down, forward, & backward. Read Also: best cheer shoes.

Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for HIIT Training 2023

1. RYKA Women’s Influence Cross-Training Shoe

My encounter with Ryka Influence was once I noted that I couldn’t easily pivot, twist, and turn in my regular and longtime Saucony bestie shoe.

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Ryka Influence is a high-performance running shoe, and it’s even rarer to now trip while in my HIIT sessions. This HIIT shoe great style – awesomely colored and dynamic design that most women will love.

With the top traction outsole, the HIIT shoe comes top on the cross-training platform. Therefore, Ryka Influence comes with all the characteristic features of a great HIIT shoe: grippy traction, great insole cushioning, Direct fuse Support & Flex foil Layers, which significantly aid the required lateral movements.

With the N-gauge Eva, this shoe will absorb larger movement impacts and thus give you greater traction and energy. Further, this technology will keep you boot as good as new as it’ll keep the shoe’s shape. The HIIT boot as a dual-density foam that will provide excellent cushioning for you when you’re landing or foot-striking.

With an excellent fit for a woman’s foot shape, Ryka Influence also offers excellent comfort, cushioning, and HIIT movements’ control. In addition, it is highly breathable as it comes with a mesh (synthetic) upper. Further, its dual-impact midsole will give you additional cushion on your heel and forefront.

Ryka Influence has highly stable support. Therefore, it’ll easily absorb the impact from your running and jumping – which still keeping your stable and ready to awesomely take the following lateral movement or rep.

Pros: Has N-gauge Eva that maintains the shoe shape and absorbs impact, uses Direct-fuse Technology, and Flex Foil technology. 

Cons: Tends to run wide. Read Also: cross country running shoes.


2. Reebok Crossfit Speed TR – With Backheel and RopePro technology

Reebok’s CrossFit Speed TR is excellent for HIIT training such as the Tabata regimen since it offers top versatility and comfort. I actually loved that the shoe is highly breathable and it’s usable in multiple workout plans.

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It has a back heel and RopePro technology to ease your push-up workouts. It’s cushioning will not affect your lifting workout and awesome for jogging and running. Described as a highly versatile shoe, Reebok’s CrossFit Speed TR, however, lacks adequate support for heavy lifting and the Gibala regimen.

Reebok CrossFit TR shares the same design elements as the Nano 6.0. There is no kevlar on the sides of the upper to help you out with traction when you’re rock climbing. It looks like it does but the pattern is just there for aesthetics.

There’s also a lot going on with the sole of the shoe the Reebok cluster speak to you has a multi-directional tread pattern on it that does an extremely good job of providing you with traction.

The speedster also has a rope roll on the middle portion of the shoe like the Nano 6.0 but it’s much smaller by comparison. The sole is still fairly stiff and nonetheless overall the sole on the speed TR doesn’t compress too much and the majority of the padding comes from the very soft Enzo.

It is a more responsive and faster shoe that will be great for your HIIT workouts such as running and heavy squats. You’ll find the shoes great on stability in your overhead squats.

Despite being a perfect fit for your feet in HIIT training including the Vollaard regimen, you’ll require to ‘break into’ the shoe. Reebok’s CrossFit Speed TR’s body is breathable and light while its sole ensures an appropriate thread to keep you in good control and stable.

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3. Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 DuraCage Upper For Olympic lifts

CrossFit Nano 4.0 comes out like the versatile HIIT trainer – second for best shoes for HIIT training. RopePro and DuraCage overlays will support the shoe’s mesh-based upper is designed to enhance rope climbing but also great for HIIT.

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Further, the RopePro protection wrap allows greater support and bite in your rope climbing.

As a regular in the cross-fit line of shoes, CrossFit Nano 4.0 is great for box jumps and the pulling Olympic lifts. Read Also: Cross Country Running Shoes.

You’ll love its top shock absorbing and support, in addition to having minimum drop differential that’s great for your high-intensity training.

4. PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Heather Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Cell Riaze is one of those shoes that looks like it is very track inspired. It seems like they are something like Mr. Bolt may have put on himself. Its low profile but would still be flattering to women.

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It comes with a beautiful heel stabilizer that makes the shoe to be amazingly stable and hence will provide adequate support during the HIIT training.

PUMA has also added a synthetic overlay all around the top of the Cell Riaze that gives you the ability to tighten the laces as tight or as loose as you want them to be.

This shoe has excellent traction and hence as you into fall (fast-changing seasons, huh!), you’ll benefit from the shoe’s top stability. It has an hourglass shape that’ll hug your foot and equally leave enough room for the Tootsie with not inappropriate cramping.

You’ll love the padded tongue and collar and the rubber sole for increased traction. PUMA Cell Riaze has EcoOrthoLite sock liner and comes with the EverTrack abrasion-outsole. It has a cushioned midsole and heel.

I found the shoes to be great for HIIT training or sprint interval training (SIT), running, and gym exercises as they have excellent arch support. Read Also: Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet.

Caution: you’ll notice that PUMA Cell Riaze could be slippery, particularly with wet surfaces. Further, Cell Riaze is not water-proof and hence will soak even with little amounts of water.

Pros: Excellently padded and will fit your feet, great for people with flat feet, It offers awesome ankle and foot support, and it’s suitable for female HIIT athletes who are fashion conscious.

Cons: Sadly, PUMA Cell Riaze is not appropriate for HIIT athletes having narrow feet and it’s Relatively pricey

5. PUMA Tazon 6 FM – A Low-Profile shoe for HIIT

For HIIT Training, the PUMA Tazon 6 FM would be a great alternative. I truly adore the sporty silhouette for the PUMA Tazon 6 with its low-profile midsole and it’s awesome cushioning at the back and around its heel.

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In addition, it has extra cushioning on the tongue and collar. The HIIT training shoe is designed from synthetic leather which gives you that authentic look you need for when walking out.

In addition, it has a soft-foam insert to increase your comfort while you are working out. Interestingly, PUMA Tazon 6 is not just a running shoe but will also endure a very harsh environment when you are doing plyometrics and weightlifting.

Pros: Lightweight, Sharp and stylish, Comfortable, Highly stable shoes, and Great running shoes for Achilles tendonitis.

Cons: Shoe material is rigid

6. ASICS Gel-Fit Sana – Lightweight design Giving barefoot feeling

ASICS Gel-Fit Sana 3 is a comfortable shoe that you’ll discover to fit flawlessly in your feet for the chosen size. I would say the shoe outdoes other cross-training giving your proper feet support in the HIIT training like Tabata regimen.

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Improved Traction: ASICS Gel-Fit has the tread pattern (herringbone) and AHAR Plus that is patented, which will give you additional traction while working out. Lightweight HIIT shoe: The ASICS Gel-Fit Sana 3 has a lightweight design that will make you feel like you are working out barefoot.

It has a MONO-SOCK that will stretch to make the shoe’s upper more flexible. Also, it has a flexible upper, which will provide adequate support in your HIIT exercises. Extra support and stability, Light and easy to fit, Easy to slip onto your feet, and Comfortable fit in Zuniga regimen.

Cons: Not suitable for people with wide feet

7. New Balance Minimus 20v6 – For Cross-training & lifting

The Minimus 20v6 Trainer is great when you are mainly focusing on lifting workouts in your HIIT. But why/ well, this shoe’s midsole has the Rapid Rebound technology that’ll give you excellent bounce-back when you’re sprinting or jumping.

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I must say that this is a minimalist shoe and hence you won’t require excessive support. Created from mesh and synthetic material, the HIIT shoe is well-ventilated, which is also complemented by the spacious toe box. The Minimus 20v6 also has a tongue that is “burrito” that’ll hug your feet as you work out.

Further, it comes with a heel drop (4mm) to maintain you in a neutral position for HIIT. In addition, its Vibram outsole will give you great underfoot traction plus an external heel clip.

8. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 6.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Finally, on the list of the best shoes for HIIT training is this Reebok Crossfit Nano 6.0 that will give you great fit due to its having a heel counter and anatomical shape.

Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 6.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe View on Amazon

In addition, the shoe has a sandpaper-texture that’ll give you extra grip as you climb using ropes.

It has polyurethane “NanoShell” and a minimal heel rise that makes it highly breathable, comfortable, and very stable. Its solid platform and outsole proved for your climbing, jumping, squatting, or running.

Reebok Crossfit Nano 6.0 will fit excellently due to its high natural and anatomical design. To allow you to cover longer running distances, the show has adequate cushioning and retains the 4 mm drop from the Crossfit Nano 5.0. Compared to 6.0, the 6.0 has a thicket tongue that can move which is great for HIIT motions.

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