7 Best Shoes for Longboarding 2021 Reviewed

To have a good longboarding experience, you’ll need a high-quality shoe – one that has good grips to prevent skidding – the best shoes for longboarding. Best Shoes For Longboarding

Your selected shoes must also be stylish and comfortable – this will help keep your confidence and performance up. 

So, in this article, I’ve reviewed the best shoes for the longboard. Let’s Get Started. Read Also: Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet.

Shoes: 7 Best Shoes for Longboarding 2021 Reviewed

1. Adidas NEO Men’s SE Daily Vulc Lifestyle Skateboarding Shoe

If you are looking for a stylish, durable, and iconic shoe for longboarding, Adidas NEO Men’s SE Daily Vulc Lifestyle Skateboarding Shoe will perfectly suit your need.

Best Shoes for Longboarding View on Amazon

Adidas NEO is a 100% Leather with a three-striped Denim (upper) of grey, blue, and black for optional selection. The Rubber sole provides excellent grip, thus preventing any possible skidding that may occur during longboarding.

Adidas NEO is lightweight to help ease maneuverability. The cloud foam sock liner provides superior comfort and continuous cushion while in use.

Moreover, Adidas NEO has a leather heel patch and an outer sole vulcanized rubber for easier cruising. Read Also: Gym Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. 

These shoes offers a low-top arch that ensures you stand up easily without side topple while breaking. The quality of Adidas NEO is unbeatable in the current market and its price offers a fortune for you.


  • Lightweight and 100% pure leather
  • Has Rubber sole and Vulcanized outer sole
  • Stylish – 3 stripes and Durable
  • Has cloud foam soak liner and Extra rubber toe bumper
  • Fits to indicated size.


  • Not suitable for people with wide feet.

2. Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Low Shield

Could be you are searching for a shoe that can be worn by any gender; Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Low Shield is the right choice for you.

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Low Shield View on Amazon

This product is specially manufactured using high quality canvas (upper) to improve resistance due to wear and tear during longboarding.

Converse Unisex can be used in all weather. It is waterproof- contains extra water repellent fabric surface that makes it a great shoe for rainy weather use.

The shoe is fitted internally with a soft-soothing cushion that makes users comfortable while cruising – it doesn’t harm your toes or ankle due to friction. Moreover, Converse Unisex is lightweight, thus enabling users to maneuver easily.

The Optical white color of the Converse Unisex auger perfectly with the red and black stripe lining, which will give you extra confidence and outstanding look while longboarding.

Moreover, Converse Unisex will serve either male or female with “too big” foot size that may not be found in other longboard brands. Converse Unisex is durable and will help you a couple of years before getting heavy.

The Rubber sole is self-hardened to carry extra weight of heavy individuals without deformation. You can’t miss to enjoy the stylish design of Converse Unisex.


  • Durable – canvas upper and Variety of sizes
  • Comfortable – has cushion lining and Unisex – either gender can wear
  • Stylish – optical white and Rubber sole
  • Relatively cheap and Good Trend/grip
  • Lightweight and All weather purpose


  • Limited colors

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3. Globe Men’s Mahalo Skate Shoe

Globe Men’s Mahalo Skate Shoe is a US manufactured product that will give you unlimited comfort during longboarding.

Globe Men's Mahalo Skate Shoe View on Amazon

The shoe is low heeled and has rear bumper that may not cause discomfort when cruising. Importantly, this product is tested by Mark Appleyard for quality standards.

Globe Men’s Mahalo is manufactured with a unique fabric that is 100% textile. Moreover, sturdy upper material is self-hardened to overcome wear and tear during sporting.

The synthetic sole of Globe Men’s Mahalo has serrated tracks that enable more natural flexibility and impact control while onboard.

The shock bed and inner lining offer superb protection against any friction or impact during sports activities. This shoe has kept an unbeatable market track record for years due to its durability and consumer acceptance. 

With Globe Men’s Mahalo, you will feel great confidence and achieve extra performance due to its stylish suede interior and exterior design that keep your visual impressions above others.

The 2.75″ arc length of the shaft provides a suitable service to small and medium-sized feet individuals. 

Globe Men’s Mahalo has a removable insole and comes in multiple colors selection. The suede, textile and rubber material provides excellent traction, support and perfectly securing your feet during use.


  • 100% Textile – upper part and Removable insole
  • Synthetic sole and Triple material
  • Durable and Easy to clean
  • Tested by Mark Appleyard
  • Serrate outer ole – for grip


  • Has limited sizes

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4. DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe

In case you are looking for a low skating shoe with a lace-up vamp, DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe is the best choice for your longboarding sport.

DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe View on Amazon

The product is manufacture with pure leather (upper) that assures you of a long lasting service.

DC Men’s Court Graffik is a special item of its kind since its stylish design gives a perfect visual impression and boosts your confidence while in use too.

Its rubber sole is further thickened to help hold extra weight and is engraved with sizable pill treads to offer substantial grip during longboarding without skidding.

The vent holes are adjacently left in DC Men’s Court Graffik to allow continuous breathability without necessarily removing your shoe.

Moreover, the shoe has a lightweight mesh tongue that protects the foot from the texture of shoelaces and tension.

The ankle-centered shoe has layers of the pillow-cushioned lining that softly rub the skin when cruising without any harm/injuries.

The shoe is strongly stitched to ensure maximum durability without tearing. You will notice that the hems are internally locked to conceal any stitching points.

If you love shock experience when cruising, DC Men’s Court Graffik is one of the best shoe to purchase right away.


  • Pure leather – upper and Strong stitching
  • Rubber sole with pill treads and Ankle centered
  • Pillow cushion lining/panels
  • Tough and durable
  • Thickened sole and Lightweight
  • Budget friendly and Breathable
  • Varieties of colors and Stylish


  • Limited sizes and Unsuitable for large sized feet

5. DC Shoes Men’s Shoes Pure Action

There is an enthusiastic feel one experiences when longboarding using DC Shoes Men’s Shoes Pure Action.

DC Shoes Men’s Shoes Pure Action View on Amazon

This product is made up of pure leather (upper) and textile outer sole lining that auger perfectly with the set colors.

The rubber sole consists of engraved treads that grip effectively during control due to strong action when longboarding.

You will appreciate the soft, smooth reaction generated along your ankle by the foam cushion under the meshed collar while cruising.

DC Shoes is centrally designed with a stylistic impression that considers users in mind. The multiple colors available in DC Shoes are a clear indicator of the manufacturer’s will to meet your choice.

You will notice the padded collar that encloses the cushion is well-knit and extends right to the interior base to offer soothing feeling while skating.

The Unique extra-thick rubber sole is self-hardened and softened to absorb shock during breaking without deforming. 

The outer sole is toughened with abrasion resistant material. You can trust the durability of DC Shoes since its stitching is strongly done and hems internally locked to prevent any tear points.


  • Leather made –upper and Variety of colors 
  • Cushion lining and Strong stitching
  • Thick rubber sole and Abrasion resistant material
  • Soft inner lining and Durable
  • Stylish


  • Unsuitable for large size feet and Limited sizes

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6. Vans Unisex Authentic Canvas Shoes

Just in case you are searching for a casual unisex shoe for your longboarding, then, Vans Unisex Authentic Canvas Shoes will surprise you with its great performance.

Vans Unisex Authentic Canvas Shoes View on Amazon

This product is made of strong canvas (upper) that will sustain your longboarding activities for a couple of years.

The Vans Unisex can be used by either gender (unisex) when longboarding, skating, or normal daily activities – this gives it a popular demand in the current market.

You will enjoy the choice of your color at the selection point from Vans Unisex manufacturers. The stylish design of Vans Unisex gives users (high or low profile individuals) confidence when cruising as it’s highly appealing to all classes of people.

You will appreciate the comfortable feel that is generated by padded footbed that gives you extra support while in motion. Moreover, Vans Unisex is lightweight, thus assures users of the ease in maneuverability.

You can’t miss the ease to clean Vans Unisex even when the price has dropped to budget expectations.


  • Budget friendly and Easy to clean
  • Comfortable and Rubber sole
  • Unisex –any gender use and Multiple use
  • Stylish and Padded foot bed
  • Lightweight


  • Not as durable as leather – canvas and Has no arch support

7. Osiris Men’s NYC 83 Vulcanized Skate Shoe

At times, you need a classical shoe that will not lower your morale among others when longboarding, Osiris Men’s NYC 83 Vulcanized Skate Shoe is the choice to go for.

Osiris Men's NYC 83 Vulcanized Skate Shoe View on Amazon

The shoe is manufactured with the user class in the heart to keep you on top among skaters. Read Also: Best Cheer Shoes Reviewed

Osiris Men’s NYC 83 comes in an elegant stylistic design that keeps others on lookout. The 5″ arch measures are entirely right from the shaft with a slightly raised heel from the interior to keep the user ongoing.

You will appreciate the comfort rendered by the interior, well-meshed cushion layers that soothe your feet while in motion. Importantly, Osiris Men’s NYC 83 has breathable holes on its sides.

The Fabric is firmly stitched with embedded hems that makes it more durable than other brands. Also, Osiris Men’s NYC 83 has a synthetic sole that is further thickened and slightly offset to give extra stability when in action.

The outer sole is made from abrasive resistant material combat friction excellently during the action. You will experience extra confidence and performance that results from tread grips and shock absorption when breaking or landing while using Osiris Men’s NYC 83.

The padded tongue and collar extends outside slightly to cover the ankle region thus centrally positioning your foot – this also reduces discomfort that may result foot motion.


  • Lightweight and Leather-made upper
  • Variety of colors
  • Synthetic/rubber sole 
  • Strong stitching 
  • Breathable


  • Need special cleaning


For efficient performance when longboarding, the proper shoe is key during selection. You will need to select the right material made shoe as per your climate/weather.

Size and treads are essential aspects due to frequent breaking when cruising. Importantly, ensure your foot is well soothed by the inner shoe material, why in motion.

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