7 Best Tennis Shoes for Walking on Concrete 2021

The best tennis shoes for walking on concrete will ease the pain associated with the ‘collapse’ of the upper torso on the legs to avoid musculoskeletal complications. Best Tennis Shoes for Walking on Concrete

So, get the right tennis shoes for flat feet or walking shoes for comfort (with proper midsole and outsole )as you play the game. 

Walking will give great blood flow and improve your respiratory system just like with tennis shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis. 

Reviews: 7 Best Tennis Shoes for Walking on Concrete in 2021

1. ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 Fabric-and-Synthetic Walkers – #1 Pick

ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 includes High Abrasion Rubber, Dynamic DuoMaxâ„¢, FluidFit, and FlyteFoam technologies for excellent breathability, comfort, and stability.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 fabric-and-synthetic Walking Shoes View on Amazon

ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 is a durable walking and running shoe plus the FlyteFoam technology will enhance your comfort while reducing the concrete impact. 

You’ll get an adaptive fit thanks to the FluidFit technology with its Dynamic DuoMax construction to offer greater stability suitable for people having overpopulation. 

For comfort and road adhesion, ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 includes the AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) technology. It’ll work well for runners having flat feet or plantar fasciitis pain. 

It has a variety of exciting colours and styles suitable for both striking or subtle. Its FluidFit upper is multi-directional, soft gel, and impact guidance allows excellent shock absorption. 

ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 will help people having either sever or mild plantar fasciitis to alleviate heel pain caused by improper footwear triggered by on your arch and heel. The shoe is great for walking on many terrains including sidewalks, linoleum, carpeting, loose pebbles, asphalt, debris, and mud including trail running shoes. 

Its forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning provide excellent shock attenuation when you’re transitioning through your gait cycle. The upper has a unique -engineered mesh to improve breathability. 

Its rounded collar will relieve the Achilles pain also thanks to the specialized gel and seamless feel. The stretch mesh (multi-directional) is adaptive thanks to the FluidFit technology. 


  • Great for off-road jogging with suitable foot support
  • FlyteFoam midsole technology and its no-slip grip 
  • With flexible upper, secure and stretchy fit 
  • The FluidRide and AHAR technologies on the shoes’ heel ensure top  durability
  • The outsole has DuraSponge to give great comfort and adhesion besides using gel and foam 
  • The heel and forefoot will be protected by the silicone-based gel used by its FlyteFoam for great shock attenuation 


  • None

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2. Nike Air Zoom Superrep HIIT and Tennis Shoes – #2 Pick

Nike Air Zoom Superrep agree great with forefoot plus cushioning and elevated heel – an equally great HIIT training shoe including on treadmill, squat shoes, and deadlifts. 

Nike Air Zoom Superrep HIIT and Tennis Shoes View on Amazon

Nike Air Zoom Superrep are excellent lifting shoes allowing landing with security and balance with their extra-wide forefoot with great foot movements – including quick feet drills and lateral lunges. 

The shoe offers smooth landing while also gripping your feet well to hold well during aggressive walking on concrete. SuperReps has a “burpee break” for great separation of your forefoot. 

SuperReps are uniquely designed for group tennis or HIIT classes – and it’ll give you exceptional precision. The shoes allow landing on your burpees and box jumps super friendly. 

Approved from irregular situations know to be in group fitness. But, if you nee other unique shoes like for CrossFit, weightlifting, or boxing – you better consider other shoe types. 

To improve stability,m the shoe’s plate tends to run your foot’s length allowing easier concrete walking for tennis. Also, the pair divides the pressure to allow great responsive cushioning. 

The Superrep are designed for HIIT training meetings and thus they’ll offer a great lift in those circuits. Their “burpee break” will isolate the shoe’s impact point from its toe bottom – adaptability. 

The shoes’ upper is the TPU network type to improves breathability allowing the athletes to bounce between classes with no pain. Also. for squats, you’ll receive support in your higher-lower leg. 

Air Zoom Superrep has a science fiction appearance plus you’ll love the bulbous curve but will also hold up excellently particularly when under tension. 

The shoe’s slip-on design allows greater flexibility due to the mesh cover that’ll give you a supportive feel, durability, and also breathability.


  • Gaudy and thick
  • Great flexibility with the “Burpee break”
  • Its forefoot is responsive and lightweight to allow easier jumping.
  • The heel has a cushion foam that’ll effectively absorb the impact for the concrete walking, lifts, and high-intensity reps.
  • Suitable for concrete tennis walking and HIIT sessions
  • Provides multidirectional movement with the split sole plus the arc


  • None found

3. Lava Stretch-Knit Orthopedic or Concrete Shoes for Heel Pain – #3 Pick

Lava Stretch-Knit will effectively control your heel pain like with cheer shoes since they’re also innovative Orthofeet footware. Its adjustable soles, excellened cushioning, and orthotic insoles for safe and anatomical support. 

Lava Stretch-Knit Orthopedic or Concrete Shoes for Heel Pain View on Amazon

Lava Stretch-Knit will ease the pressure that lands on your plantar fascia and also ease heel impacts, amnd hence they’ll b suitable for concrete walking, or casual shoes for your plantar fasciitis. 

The Sneakers are great for runs, walks, informal use, and also work since its comfortable. These orthotic shoes provide orthotic support to handle your different feet disorders. 

The podiatrist-recommended shoe is a great design for walking with your plantar fasciitis or handling concrete walking. The therapeutic footwear provides excellent support and comfort – they’re not overly rigid or voluminous. 

It has an adjustable fit with arch and rear-foot support while it’ll also massage the feet. The interior soft sole will effectively massage the feet while you’re walking on concrete for an easy gait. 

The shoes have that non-binding upper and cushioned arch support, to offer great protection and a relaxed fit from those pressure points. The features allow better mobility and improved stability thanks to their sole cushioning. 

Lava Stretch-Knit has a wide toe box is created to be extra deep plus it’s soft upper will relieve the pressure landing on your hammertoes or bunions – and thus I consider them as great orthotic sneakers. 


  • Further, while you’re walking you may experience Morton’s Neuroma that may cause toa pain, tingling, and numbness.
  • Further, for walking on concrete your feet will feel stiff, tired, and weary. 
  • Lava Stretch-Knit handles overloaded stress excellently and hence avoid any stress fracture that would otherwise shock the bones.
  • The shoe’s lining provides comfort and padding for easing pain for neuropathy, arthritis, and diabetes including in people having sensitive feet. 


  • None 

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4. ASICS Gel-Contend 5 Lace-up closure Walking Shoes

ASICS Gel-Contend 5 has the ORTHOLITE Sockliner to give any walking budy that fresh feeling. I recommend the walker for individuals that’re heel-strike runners. Further, on performance, the shoe’s upper mesis easily flexible and breathable. 

ASICS Gel-Contend 5 Lace-up closure Walking Shoes View on Amazon

The upper mesh includes overlays that’re stitched on for better protection and support. Further, the ORTHOLITE Sockliner is removable plus the rubber outsole gives the footwear great durability and is thus trail-running shoes. 

On design, ASICS Gel Contend 5 has a 10mm heel drop plus the 22mm heel height – further, for the heel-strikers, you’ll benefit from the rearfoot gel. It’s also lightweight and hence will be great to use as the best tennis shoes for walking on concrete. 

On value, these walker or running shoes offer great size-selection – 6 to around 15 and you’ll get a variety of exciting colours including blue, white, and black. Despite that they are stylish, you can get better quality in other running shoes like KUBUA. 

The tennis walking shoe will provide an excellent groove for running with limited strain. You’ll love them for walking and standing for extended hours including on tennis concrete floor. 


  • The synthetic overlay on the shoe’s breathable mesh ensures freshness and comfort of your feet 
  • Less irritation as its stretch material won’t easily buckle. 
  • Rearfoot gel cushioning plus its AmpliFoam midsole provides additional comfort and better heel support
  • ASICS Gel Contend 5 has removable insoles that’ll effectively allow using orthopedic or custom inserts.


  • None found

5. Alegria Keli Professional Stain-resistant and Rubber sole

Alegria Keli Professional is an excellent clogthat most people dong concrete walking will finds comfortable. The leather uppers and color varieties for the shoes will give more stylish and elegance. 

Alegria Keli Professional Stain-resistant and Rubber sole View on Amazon

The shoe has non-slip outsole and its stain resistant with a 1 1⁄2 in heel that’ll ll guarantee stability and excellent walking on dry or wet concrete floors. Its dual-goring and clog style maintain the shoes on the foot when you’re walking.

Alegria Keli Professional has a breathable leather lining and its polyurethane sole will distribute the walking pressure landing on your foot. The features will also protect your heels and toes – thanks to being shock absorbing. 

You’ll get adequate support, style and comfort from this clog-type walking shoe and thus it’ll be suitable for wearing all day. The padded collar, dual goring, and non-slip outsole. 

You’ll love the AmpliFoam Midsole, gel cushioning, ortholite sockliner, and suitable for concrete walking or standing. Some people recommend taking the rest of some calcium but shoes are critical. 

Check the body habitus and gait for long walks – try some stretching, heel pad, and ice compress. Concrete walking causes back pain and foot injury among other complications.


  • Has padded collar and removable insole allowing effective installation of orthotic inserts
  • The clog walking shoes offer support and comfort
  • The shoe’s non-slip outsole and dual goring ensures you’re stable and secure on the feet


  • None


The best tennis shoes for walking on concrete will be great for non-slip surfaces, rocky trails, and digging ditches. The walking shoes can also serve as running footwear – they have a synthetic upper – with breathable and lightweight uppers. 

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