How Does Achilles tendon Repair Itself?

Rehabilitation and physical therapy are usually the most recommended methods of healing Achilles tendonitis. How Does Achilles tendon Repair ItselfIn this post, I’ll be tackling this question; “how does Achilles tendon repair itself?”

To make a full and correct diagnosis for an Achilles tendon rupture, a health provider would require to know the athlete’s history and undertake a physical examination. 

Treatment for Achilles tendon rupture

Previously, I discussed the various treatment options in this post. However, I will briefly review them in this section for your benefit.

However, it’s important to note all the risks and benefits of each treatment method although their use will largely depend on your level of tendon injury and medical history. 

The treatment methods prescribed for Achilles tendonitis are conservative treatment and surgical repair. Related: Check the Eliud Kipchoge’s pace” challenge. 

However, imaging can help you determine the level of tendon damage and any related injuries. Read Also: Great Cheer Shoes. 

Surgical technique

The doctor will mainly prescribe surgery for athletes who are active and young. This could be done through open surgery technique or with the percutaneous method to help repair the injured tendon. 

1. Percutaneous surgery method: The doctor will incise the athlete’s foot to enhance visualization and easily approximate the Achilles tendon. 

2. Open surgery method: For this surgery method, the doctor will incise severally on the athlete’s foot with the aim of repairing then Achilles tendon.

After the surgery procedure, the doctor will apply a postoperative boot or the short-leg cast on the athlete’s ankle. Read Also: Great Shoes for Spartan Race.

Nonsurgical technique

This second method is mainly best for less active and older athletes and patients.

Also, I would say it’s great for people who have a higher medical risk in case of anesthetic and surgery, people with diabetes and peripheral artery disease.

This method requires the physician to use a short-leg cast on the athlete’s injured leg when his or her foot is in a downward-flexed position – isometric exercises. 

However, it’s important to maintain the position of the ankle so as to bring the tendons that have raptured closer. However, you must use good Achilles tendonitis running shoes.

Achilles tendon rupture

If you have a partial Achilles tendon rupture, you’d require to begin any form of tendon rehabilitation after all the pain is gone.

In addition, any athlete (or runner) who’ve completed the surgical repair for their tendon would not require physical therapy when they’re still healing.

But physical therapy would be appropriate when the athlete’s incision is fully healed. 

Post-operation recovery would go very well with physical therapy such as Alfredson Protocol. When you remove the cast, ensure that your message and mobilize the ankle with the aim of lessening the stiffness.

Only resume heavy exercises in a fortnight but work out continually for about 17 weeks for full recovery – which will ensure you regain the full and normal range of ankle motion.

Tests to diagnose Achilles tendon rupture

A foot x-ray may be helpful to show any soft tissue swelling on the tendon calcification, or show any bony or ankle injury.

However, when you have partial tear an ultrasound (maybe the bedside type) may be required. Read Also: Shoes for HIIT Training.

When the Achilles tendon rupture is not easily discernable using ultrasound, then an MRI would be the most helpful diagnostic tool to use. 


This would also be used when the medical care professional suspects that the athlete has a complex tendon injury.

MRI would help determine the presence of fluid collection or bursitis or any form of tissue trauma.

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