How HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Works

How HIIT Works

In a 2018 survey, HIIT ranked top on the worldwide fitness trends followed by body weight training & wearable tech. I’ll take you through how HIIT works and its benefits. Recently, I covered the best shoes for HIIT Workouts. So, let’s dive right in!!!

SummaryHIIT combines short intense cardiovascular exercise (oxygen-demanding) succeeded by recovery periods of 30 seconds. During recovery, the body demands high oxygen (Excess Post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC)). HIIT burns fat and increases heart rate over a short period of time. 

Basics of HIIT Workout

High-load strength training in HIIT involves taking each exercise at your full capacity before taking intermittent breaks of 30 seconds to improve foot conditions like Plantar Fasciitis. Repeat the exercises daily and improve the completion times each time.

HIIT Training Advantages

Do you need quick and reliably lasting workout results? Try HIIT training and you won’t regret. Below are more advantages showing why should try HIIT training.

– Burning fat: Science has proven that human beings mainly through their noses while breathing. Therefore, with HIIT training the lungs are able to operate better and thus promote more inflow of more oxygen.

– Losing weight: Some amazing facts show that once you take your HIIT workouts, you’ll continue losing fat for the next 1-2 days. Accordingly, put the best effort during the training and go relax wherever while still losing those damaging fats in your body.

– Build your strength fast: Compared to aerobic exercises such as running, HIIT (which an anaerobic exercise) enables lose more fat and builder higher strength for the same time of the workout. Therefore, this relatively engaging anaerobic exercises will help you achieve more than you would with general aerobic exercises. 

– Easier Workout to achieve: Next, HIIT training is more convenient when it comes to the time you spend on your workouts daily. For example, with HIIT you can use only 3 hours while on you achieve the results for 11 hours of aerobic exercises.

Therefore, you’ll require less amount of time blocked for your workouts. In addition, no major equipment such as gyms or expensive weighs are necessary for HIIT training. 

HIIT Training Exercises

Jump Squats 

For Jump Squats, you’ll need to stand tall while having your feet being about hip-width/ shoulder-wide apart. For the jumping jacks, you’ll need to stand and jump with your legs being wide apart while you’re lifting your hands above the head. 

Backward Lunges 

Next, up are the backward lunges which you’ll need to stand while placing your feet wide apart. While at it take one foot in front and start lowering your knee to the floor. Take your arm to the front while extending your elbow. Repeat this process while changing sides each time.

Jumping Jacks 

I would recommend you take about 1500  jumping jacks for your HIIT training in about 30 minutes. Such an exercise would allow you. given that its anaerobic exercises, burn about 150 calories considering veery athletes weight. 

Russian Twists 


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